the story of Muse. simple and sweet ? that doesnt exsist in this world let alone hers.

It was another cold night in the wastes, as if there was any other type of night. "the survivors" were resting from the relentless struggles they faced day in and day out, every day of ever month, though it had become hard to keep track of how much time had passed. They had left the ruins of the last town in they encountered to decay and be consumed by the vaultures and sands of time, "why did you have to burn it to the ground ? " Muse asked Faust " its not like those people could have done any damage to anyone, we could have just let them be ! " her voice had started to break with the thought of the slaves being left behind in their burning homes.

" they were canibals, that was mercy" he said calmly

" it doesnt bother you that innocent people died not long ago ?

Faust began to laugh " not in the slightest my dear for they were dead anyway and further more.... " Muse stood up and cut him off

"thats not the point" she screamed both fists clenched tightly " they could have had a chance and you know it "

Faust rose on the spot showing his blackend and burnt face in the flickering fire light " I dont care , its not my job or concern " he turned to walk away befor adding " there chances of survival were slim to none so fuck them.." a calm fell over them which lasted only moments " im going to check the area " he muttered befor walking away. Muse fell on the spot and almost wept at the thought of leaveing people behind, "so there were canibals, people can change " she whispered befor returning to her tent.

They set out early that dismal morning, clearing there camp and collecting there equipment, Rave had dissapeared earlier, befor anyone else was up in order to cover there tracks, "you never know whos following us" he frequently claimed. Once Rave returned to the same spot they had been camping and they were already they set off for what they all hoped who be greener pastures but it was more than likely another run down village/town crowded with infected low life scum of thet wastes or radiers who wanted revenge for something they had done long ago, a cry came from the leader of "the survivors " and Muse turned to look, " same shit diffrent day " chuckled Rosey. Muse was on edge after confronting Faust the bitter night before " today is going to be a long day " she sighed befoe being nudged by her sister

"whats up with you " she asked playfully hopeing to cheer her up

" nothing that can be done now " Muse said with a heavy sigh " it was just... a rough night is all."

" oh " Yuki looked very confused, the pair were like sisters and could tell when something was wrong, it was a wonderful and rare bond not offten found in the wastes "so is that what you call that shouting last night ? ". Muse was stunned although she had shouted at Faust she could hear no stiring in the rest of the camp.

"you heared that then " she frowned

"i was worried about you and thought i would check in but i saw you and Faust and thought......" Muse shoot her a look that said "stop right there "

"thats not what you think but i dont understand why he did what he did back in that town" she moaned

"thats what he thought was right " Muse declared

yuki smiled " just let it go .... were all safe and thats what matters ok " Muse couldnt help but smile at the warmth her little sister offered

"ok" said Muse and they both smiled warm enough to warm any heart in the wastes, there heart felt moment was interupted by a voice from behind them.

"you two ready to catch up with the others ?? " it was Rave returning to rejoin his group, the others had started to move and stoped to wave the others to join them " come on I doubt they will wait forever " he said befor runing to catch up.

"we should do the same " Muse said hastilly, before rushing to join the others.

The End

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