The skeletons remain sentient, and gender-unspecificMature

-And what of this preoccupation with gender Dave?
Without flesh, does gender of a skeleton really matter?

-Maybe it matters to the skeleton. 
But what of this preoccupation with sentience?
Does sentience without a brain really matter? 

-Shut up Dave. 

-Of course, we're only skeletons above the quicksand.
Who knows what's left down below. 
There could be hope for flesh yet.
The brains, we know, are up in smoke.

-So what's your point Dave?

-It seems that sentience doesn't reside in the brain after all. 
I suspect it must be localized somewhere about the groin or buttocks.

-That's brilliant Dave, but what about us getting out of here?

-It seems the fire has dried out the quicksand quite a bit,
plus, we've both lost quite a bit of weight. I think we might kick our way free.

Before long, Maurice and Dave are walking through the charred remains of the forest. 
Walking was difficult, due to the hot charcoals on their pink foot bottoms.
Also, the lack of upper-body musculature played hell with their equilibrium. 

Dave kept stealing glances at Maurice's crotch as the mud dried and fell off. 
He never fully trusted forensic dentists.

The End

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