"What? Look I have the bag, thats all I want. Never bother Mrs. Chelley again! You are a scoundrel the police are onto you!" And just at that moment the police cars sped up containing my mother, father and siblings. "Great!" I mumbled, both sarcastically and truthfully.

"Zyela, well done, this is brilliant!" the police officer prasied me as if i were a two year old, what a ridiculing old... "Yes, a better job than you could ever do!" I mumbled, stubbornly. Then out came two police officers armed with metal bats and hand cuffs (it looked like they were attending a cheesey hen night) never the less they took the scoundrel by the arms and siad, effortlessly "We are charging you with robbery and possible murder..." Murder? What did he mean... MURDER?! No poor old Mrs. Chelley couldn't possibly... No, No way... This couldn't be happening... "Zyela?" mother asked, worried. "Oh mum... Sorry!" I cried and ran into her arms.

"Is Mrs. Chelley going to... be alright?" I stammered, scared. I was still clutching my mothers torso, but I felt secure and safe whilst hugging her. "Ummm... Darling, lets get you home. You are looking chilly!" Mum said, trying to change the serious yet scary subject. "No! Mum... Will she be okay?!" I tried to sound strong, but my voice faultered and it didn't quite work, I just sounded like an insecure 12 year old. "Well, she has multiple fractures and is internally bleeding... She's an old woman, and her time may have arrived..."

The End

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