I had to take a risk, I had to get him! My senses told me to left, but my new power told me to go right. I twisted my head left to right, and eagerly ran towards the right had side of the road. There he was, sitting there. Glee was a clear emotion, it was wiped all over his face. And then he saw me "Great!" he sarcastically added, and that glee turned to despair. "Yes it really is, I agree with you! Now hand over the bag!" I added, agreeing with his sarcastic remark.

"God, what do you take me for? A mug?" He said, not realising a witty remark was about to be shoved his way. "Yes, actually I do take you for a mug!" I laughed, and pride shone through, pretty great remark huh? He made a sprint for it, but I back up plans.I had locked the gates, afterall we were in someones drive way! "Damn!" He cried, desperate. He dropped the bag and slunk towards the ground. (Sometimes I love the gravitaional force!). "Thank you, I will be off!" I said, triumphant and proud, this was a great day. I had just realised I had some sort of super power. "Look wait..." He puffed.

The End

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