I looked at mum, and I looked at Mrs Chelley who was in excruciating pain, and run. I run so fast, But I just can't work out why I am running, and how I am running so fast, I am zooming past cars and have just entered the next town. It's as if I am being controlled, as if I am being controlled to follow something, oh and by the way you shoudl meet me my name is Zyera. And then I realise, I realise that I have been following this red car for a long time, and the man inside looks scared, frantic and eager. I soon realise that he is clutching Mrs Chelley's antique handbag.

I run double speed and I have suddenly managed to climb up onto the mans car, I feel a surge of power, contentment, passion... and fury! I clamber through the back window, and sneakily take out the keys to the car, it stops a little too abruptly, and the man screams. He runs out of the car, down the street and into an alley way, which, may I add, has a dead end! "Kerching!" I cry and punch the ai with triumph, and then realise the man just ran past me. "Great!" I cry, and run as fast as possible. Suddenly... he turns and I have lost him.

"NO!" I had to catch him if it was the last thing I do!

The End

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