supideO: a modern tragedy

“You see here?” The woman’s delicate hand pushing back her mane of frizzy brown hair “I can see trouble, and in your eyes dear”

The couple felt quite silly and had little interest in the musings of any psychic, but the Dowager insisted the two be properly investigated before allowing the child into their sanctum.

“There is a prophesy of great importance here” twitchy the woman continued staring deep into the young girls eyes “Oh yes great pain will come…”

A deep stomp and at this she is silenced by the Lady of the house. “I will not have you spreading such lies!” a wave of her hand and all are expelled from the room.

As the couple rushes the room the Dowager unhappily stalk still planted in the ground. “Not you!” she demands as the Psychic begins to pack her tools of witchcraft. “You must stay”

It was from behind these closed doors a real prophecy is revealed, that will change the lives of two families built strong with power.

The End

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