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A sketch comedy skit created in February of 2008 (right when facebook was exploding with applications for the first time). The rest...well, you'll hopefully understand as you go.

Premise: This was a sketch comedy skit created in February of 2008 (right when facebook was exploding with applications for the first time). The rest...well, you'll hopefully understand as you go.

Setting: Stage is dark minus two spotlights (one on stage right and one on stage left). On stage left the spotlight is showing a desk, chair and laptop with a college aged girl (Jenny) sitting in the chair looking at her laptop. Stage right shows an identical scene only with a college aged boy (Mark) and behind the desk where Mark is sitting is a door.

Jenny: (holding up a large textbook) Oh my word, I have so much work to do (pauses and puts down book). Actually, I think I'm gonna go on facebook. (looks closely at computer screen as if reading) "You just got Superpoked by Mark Smith". Oh, that's cute. "Why don't you poke him back?" Ok, I think I will. (clicks on mouse)

Mark: What is this? You just got poked by Jennifer Jones.
(there is a knock on the door) Come in. (No response. Mark get's up and walks to the door. He opens it. A mystery college aged boy enters, "playfully" pokes him, and leaves.) Ouch (Mark looks confused, shrugs, and sits back down at desk)

Jenny: Oh my word, they have so many different option on Superpoke. I can think up something a little cleverer than poking him. I know, I'll send him a bouquet of flowers. (clicks on mouse again).

Mark: You just were sent flowers by Jennifer Jones. Wow, she's being quite generous with her Superpoking today (knock on door. Mark gets up and goes to door, opens it, mysterious man steps in with flowers and a smile, hands them to Mark, and exits. Mark looks awkwardly at the flowers and goes and sits down)

Jenny: I think I'll cheer for him while I'm at it. (Clicks mouse).

Mark: (knock on door) What now?
(Mark opens door, mysterious man steps in with purple pom poms)

Mysterious Man: (speaking with great vigor and joy) Mark, Mark, he's our man. If he can't do it, no one can. Go Mark!

(Mark gives a sarcastic show of enthusiasm as the mysterious man leaves)

Jenny: Haha, some of these are just ridiculous. Through a bear at Mark. Oh, I have to do that. (Clicks mouse).

Mark: Been thrown a...(Mark is cut off as the door opens and a stuffed bear is thrown at the back of Mark's head). Ouch!

Jenny: What, they have a headbutt option? (clicks mouse)

(There is another knock on the door. Mark very warily walks to the door, opens it, jumps back as mysterious man walks in slowly. The two stare for a moment and then mysterious man goes for the headbutt. Mark staggers back, looks angrily at mysterious man, and mysterious man runs out)

Jenny: Tango? Why not? (clicks mouse)

Mark: Tango? (Knock. on door. Mark looks at door with fear, slinks over and opens it. As the door opens tango music begins to play. Mark looks oddly at the mysterious man, but the mysterious man, who has a rose in his mouth, smiles and after a short pause grabs Mark and begins dancing. They dance for about 8 bars until Mark, fed up and someone now mysteriously the one with the rose in his mouth, pushes away the mysterious man. The music stops simultaneously and the mysterious man exists through the door).

Jenny: Kiss option? Well, Valentine's Day is coming up, and a kiss on Superpoke is probably the only one of any kind he's gonna get. Ok, kiss. (clicks mouse)

Mark: Oh no.

(Knock on door. Mark fearfully opens the door. The mysterious man walks in, shrugs, goes toward Mark with open arms, Mark pushes him back and closes door. Clearly irritated he goes back to desk*)

Jenny: Trout slap? That sounds like a fun one. If he can take a kiss from me he should be able to handle a trout slap. (clicks mouse)

Mark: Trout slap? What does that even mean? (Knock on door. Mark sighs and gets up. Door opens, mysterious man walks in holding a plastic trout at his side. The mysterious man walks up to Mark and slaps him, and calmly exits. Mark makes a stunned face in response)

Jenny: I guess I've done enough of that. (look in at computer, all of the sudden quite excited). Oh no way, you can do that? I have to send that. (clicks mouse)

Mark: What? No way. This one can't be for real, can it?**


*In re-performance another option would be to have the mysterious man give the character a Hershey's kiss, or to just have the characters kiss. Totally up to you. We chose what we chose for the original performance based off of the audience we were working with

**You can choose to either end it here with people "hanging" or you can create your own dramatic final act of Superpokage. When this skit was first performed it was done at Houghton College and the college president came out and delivered a message as the final "superpoke." For a link of what this skit looks like when performed, use this link:

The End

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