Author's Note

Your somewhat typical Superhero story, with very atypical Superheroes. This is a bit of an experiment, so please check out the author's note, or author guidance.

Hey there! Everything will be explained in due time, but before it is I ask that you do something first. If you don't have to worry about buffering then open the following link in a new tab. It'll take you to a song on youtube which you'll just let play as you continue to read. It may set the mood of the paragraphs for you, or it may make you think that I'm just a complete weirdo.

Welcome! This is an experiment that I've been wanting to try for a good deal of time and well, there's no time like the present right? So strap yourself in and prepare for a short explanatory backstory! 

Music. Like most self-respecting teenagers I love to pop in some earbuds and listen to music. However unlike most self-respecting teenagers I don't listen to the typical genres. I have a little bit of pop, two country songs, and one "metal" song that I thought was kind of catchy. So what do I listen to? Well according to itunes it's called Soundtrack music. However the ones that don't come from a movie get edited and put into a genre called Epic. Yes. There is now a genre called epic.

And now to get to the point!

When I listen to these movie-less masterpieces, I start envisioning scenes from stories that I've either read or been in the process of writing, and film ideas that I've had. When I do film, I usually start by selecting a music track, and then choreographing and editing to fit the music, because I don't have a composer to match the music to the film. More recently I've wanted to try the same thing with writing, and base the chapters of an entire story off the inspirations and impressions that I get from selected music pieces.

And this, dear reader, is that desire made flesh. Or code. Or whatever.

I will mix and match music with the moods of the chapters that I have in mind and write based off of what I see. Also, we all have different reading speeds so things may not match up as perfectly. 

So thanks for humoring me, I hope you enjoy this as much as I will, and if it just doesn't work for you, then don't worry about the music. I've never done this before so any feedback on how it works would be great!




P.S. All rights to the songs used in this story remain with their rightful owners. 



The End

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