Chapter Nine: Page 6Mature

This launched the pair of them into a fighting match with each other, and Energia was scarily angry again in an instant.  Prophet and SnowSword stood on either side of the fighters, egging them on eagerly.  Psychico, who’d remained silent for most of this exchange, sighed and rubbed his brow.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized.  “I’d say that is an abnormality for them, but…”  He regarded them painfully.  “It’s not.  This is how they act all the time.”  Psychico placed his palm in the center of his forehead and wrinkled his eyebrows in concentration.  He looked as though he were deep in prayer.  A second later, the other POWER group members all grabbed their heads and let out moans of pain.

“Oh my God, make it stop!” complained SnowSword, stomping her high-heeled boot against the ground.  “It hurts so much!  Psychico!  Make it stop!”  He lowered his hand and was greeted with a chorus of relief sighs from the others.

“Thanks a lot, asswipe,” muttered Energia angrily.

“Come on, people.  This is the first time we’ve had a Potential in years.  Do you really want to deter her with your antics?”  He reached into the wire basket and pulled out the application that I’d meticulously filled out.  “So you call yourself Stryker?  Interesting name.  May I ask why?”

I thought back to why I’d chosen it.  “I’m not sure why, really.  I just…I was having a hard time coming up with inspiration for a name and it kind of came to me in a dream.”  Tempus Manum snorted and rolled his eyes.  “It sounds lame, I know, but it’s the truth.”

“I know why you chose it, Mina Percival,” said SnowSword, idly playing with the hilt of her sword.  She hadn’t even looked at the application yet; how did she know my name?  “And I’m a bit surprised that you haven’t even said hello yet.  Or do you not recognize me when I’m in costume?”

I looked at her and squinted.  Light blond hair …striking blue eyes …thin features and ivory skin …no.  It couldn’t be.  “Doctor White?” I asked, frowning.

SnowSword grinned.  “Please, drop the formalities.  Call me Snow.  And as for why you thought of Stryker, well ….it’s the name of the company that made a lot of the medical supplies we used on you.  You weren’t paying attention, but the robot brain never forgets.”  She tapped my temple and grinned.  It was amazing what the presence of a mask did for her.  She was more regal than she was as an intern, and a whole lot less meek.  It was as if she was born to be a Hero.

“Robot brain, huh?” asked Energia at the same time as the Prophet.  He grinned at her and pointed quickly.

“Jinx.  You owe me a Coke,” he said happily.  Energia, to her credit, rolled her eyes and grinned, but didn’t say a word.

“Can the two of you shut up?” shouted Psychico.  “Honestly.  We can’t get anything done here, can we?”  He ran a hand through his blond hair and turned back towards me.  “I have to admit, what you did in there to the mental construct was impressive.  You have a robot brain, we know that…anything else?”

“Oh, she’s mostly robotic,” said SnowSword, breezing over to me and slinging an arm casually over my shoulder.  “Although the technical term is Cyborgenetically Advanced Homo Sapien Sapien.  She got this way after an accident a couple of months ago, back in June.”  It was October now and we were getting close to my four month anniversary of being a cyborg.  “I’d say about a month ago is when she figured out how powerful she really was.  I was wondering if you’d show up here.”

The End

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