Chapter Nine: Page 2Mature

I parked Nova’s car in the lot outside of the building.  For Everground’s premier group of superheroes, the lot was strangely empty; only a few other cars occupied spots but they were few and far between.

My heart was pounding so loudly in my chest that I could hear it without concentrating and I took a deep breath.  Adrenaline rushed through my veins fluidly.  Here I was, about to apply to become a superhero.  It was exciting, dangerous, and it was time for me to make up for all my mistakes.

But I had to calm down first.  If I wasn’t careful, my emotions would get the better of me and I’d lose control of my movements.  I’d prepared for this.  I’d practiced for this.  I’d downloaded information through the use of my flash drive and USB port.  I was in control.  I could relax now; the hard part was over.  I was going to get this job.  I fumbled for my purse, pulling out the silver box that I kept in the zipper pouch on the side.

As a human, I hadn’t had many vices.  Procrastination, maybe, or driving really fast.  But when I’d become a cyborg, I’d gained a new addiction.  Knowledge.  The box held flash drives, each containing all the information I could find on a certain subject.  I often used the information to calm myself down, but I’d found that if I downloaded the wrong one, I’d get even more wired than I was now.

Would I indulge myself or not?

“Fuck it, I’m celebrating,” I said.  I opened the box, rifled through the flash drives and pulled out a random chip, inserting into the socket at the back of my head.  Luckily for me, I’d chosen to wear my hair in a ponytail today and only had to lift up the end of my hair to access to port.

After I’d learned everything there was to know about Medieval curse words, I grabbed the envelope from the passenger’s side seat and walked inside the POWER building.  The lobby was wide and open, mostly empty with an overarching theme of white.  A large glass desk sat in the center of the room, forming a complete circle that I wasn’t sure how anyone entered or exited.  Inside the circle sat a single woman.  Her long blond hair was swept away from her face and draped around her delicate features in artful curls.  Her long fingers fluttered over the keys of an advanced computer, typing at a speed that was almost superhuman.

“Hi,” I said, walking up to her and smiling.  “My name’s Mina Percival.  Would you mind telling me…”  The woman held up one finger, shushing me and tilting her head to the side to expose the slick headpiece for the telephone that stretched across the side of her face.  She pressed a part of the headset and smiled, continuing to type.

“Thank you for calling the POWER group.  This is Luca speaking, how may I help you today?”  She closed her eyes and paused typing, smiling wryly as if she was fed up with someone’s attitude or behavior.  “May I ask what for?  I see… and you can’t… of course, I forgot.  My mistake, babe.  Yes, I’ll connect you right away.”  She flicked a switch on the physical phone set beside her and pressed the button on her headset again.  “Hi, it’s Luca.  I have Gia on the phone for you.  Hold?  Sure, I guess I’ll hold.”  She pushed her bangs out of her face  and put her hand over the microphone of her headset.  “I’m sorry, this might be a minute.  If you stand right over there, I’ll be able to help you as soon as possible.”  She tapped a wire basket on her desk.  “You can leave that here while you wait.”

I dropped the weighty packet into the basket and backed away, somewhat embarrassed.  I shouldn’t have been so confident.  Definitely shouldn’t have expected them to just offer me a job on the spot.  What did I think, that they might have known I was coming?  I thought too much of myself.  I filled out the paperwork like I was supposed to; did I honestly think that they wouldn’t even glance at it before giving me a job?  Like that was even possible.

The End

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