Chapter Eight: Page 5Mature

I opened my mouth and gagged, expecting the sick to come up.  I closed my eyes tightly, but instead of hearing the splash of vomit hitting the floor in front of me, I heard a small clink and then…

Nothing else.  I opened my eyes to see Nova staring in horror at what had just come out of my mouth.

A bullet.

What.  The.

“Fuck,” whispered Nova, her brown eyes going wide.  “Fuck, Mina, fuck!  What just happened?”

“I don’t know, Nova,” I hissed back, knowing that I had to keep her quiet.  “I don’t know what just happened, now will you let me think!”

“Police!  Put your hands up!”  Cops burst into the diner with their guns poised to shoot and the gunmen bent down to the ground, dropping their weapons and placing their hands behind their heads.  They seemed almost a little too willing to go, but I wasn’t going to question it now.  I had bigger things to think about as some of the officers rushed over to the other victims.  One of them made her way over to us.

“Are you okay?” she asked, crouching down to our level.  I nodded slowly and pointed at Nova.

“I’m okay, but she…I pushed her out of the way and…”  Now it was Nova’s turn to hurl and her puking was completely gross and completely human.  “She hit her head really hard on the ground.  I think she might have a concussion.”

“That was very brave,” said the cop, helping me to my feet.  “We’re going to take your friend to the hospital.  Do you know her information?”  I nodded dumbly and the cop used her radio to call for a stretcher.  As we walked out of the smoky diner into the filtering light, I glanced behind to view the destruction that had just occurred.  Nobody seemed to be seriously hurt and it looked like Nova had gotten the worst of it.  People were shaken but everybody, including Jenny, was fine.

My eyes fell on the two officers by the doors of the kitchen.  Scratch that.

Almost everyone.

A white sheet lay draped over a body, but I could see the blood beginning to seep through.  One limp hand laid outside of the sheet, uncovered, and a large, circular brown tray had fallen just beyond that.  Scattered around the lifeless body were smashed plates and splattered food.

Bagels.  Lox.  French toast with extra powdered sugar.

Anne had died bringing Nova and I our breakfast.

The End

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