Chapter Eight: Page 4Mature

Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky.  Doctor Everett and Doctor White had said my nerves weren’t as sensitive as they had been before.  They’d explicitly said that pain was going to be a different experience for me now, less intense and sharp.  But this still hurt like a fucker!

The first bullet hit my shoulder, accompanied by a dull pain and a shallow ache as the bullet scraped against my metal skeleton; it exited painfully out the side, a simple through and through.  I ground my teeth together to suppress a scream, certain that I could take it if this was all the pain that I had to deal with.  But then the second bullet hit, low and deep in my abdomen.  This one pierced me close to my stomach and the pain was much different; it was like someone had taken a white-hot poker and shoved it into me as hard as they could.  This bullet elicited a scream from me, but the pain ebbed away a minute later.

After a moment of closing my eyes and waiting for it to pass, I looked down to see the skin around my bullet wound knitting itself back together and I gasped.  I knew I healed quickly- impossibly quickly- but I didn’t know I could heal this fast from something so internal.  All I’d gotten since the accidents were superficial wounds.  The most serious thing would have been the glass that got embedded into my hand.

My stomach churned and I leaned forward, kneeling so that my legs were keeled outwards at awkward angles beside me.  I saw Nova’s eyes open and she sat up slowly, holding her head and groaning like she was stunned.  “Mina?” she asked softly, wincing at the noise around us.  “Mina?”

“I’m okay, Nova,” I said, wrapping both arms around my stomach and clutching tightly.  I groaned and rocked back and forth on my knees.  Even when I had the flu, I’d never felt this sick before.  “I’m okay.  I’m okay.  I’m okay.”

“God, are you going to be sick?  Please don’t be sick.  Because if you’re going to be sick, then I’m going to be sick.”  I resisted the urge to hurl, keeping my mouth tightly shut and one hand clamped overtop.  I just couldn’t think of anything disgusting and I’d be able to keep it all down.  “Did you get hit?”

“I’m fine,” I said, my voice cracking at the end and raising several octaves.  “Doctor Everett said that I can heal faster now and I’ll survive.”  My voice got breathy at the end as I struggled through the sentence and the pain.

“You’re covered in blood.”  Nova’s commentary was not helping my churning stomach at all.

“It’s fine, Nova, just shut up!” I groaned.  I leaned forward, keeping my mouth closed and my cheeks puffed out slightly.  I would not hurl.  I would not puke.  I was a hero.  I’d just saved Nova’s life, and no proper hero had ever thrown up after saving the day.  I was not going to set the new industry standard.  Throwing up was not something heroes did.  “I’m going to be okay.”

“Mina, you should really go and see Doctor Everett.”  Nova’s voice was slowly sliding up the octave scale to shrill.  “Even if it is nothing, he’ll want to…”

Oh, fuck it.  I was going to be sick.

The End

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