Chapter Eight: Page 3Mature

Two men in identical red silk shirts walked up to the counter bar of the diner, where single diners ate sitting on stools.  “Hey, there, gentlemen,” said Jenny, the head waitress.  She was a short and petite blond woman in her mid-thirties, although the first time I’d met her, I could have sworn she was barely our age.  “What can I do you for?  Table for two or would you prefer to sit up here?”

One of the men chuckled and put his hand down on the counter.  His gelled back blond hair shined slick under the fluorescent lighting of the diner.  “Actually, no.”  He tilted his arm now, and I was finally able to see what he’d been hiding and what had made Jenny pale so she was whiter than a ghost.

A handgun was clenched tightly in his fist and the other man had an automatic rifle cocked in the crook of his arm.

“We want your money.  All of it,” demanded the second man, throwing a black bag at Jenny.  He grinned, the scar that ran down the side of his face turning the expression into a grimace.  “Now!”

Jenny yelped and grabbed the bag, yanking the primitive cash drawer they kept below the counter open.  “Slowly,” warned the blond guy, prodding her arms with the gun.  “You don’t want to make me use this.”  I could see her trembling from here and stood up quietly to see if I couldn’t do something to help.

Suddenly, there was a clanging sound from the corner of the room as someone walked out of the double doors that lead to the kitchen.  The scarred man with the rifle jumped, sending a shot off that startled the blond guy.  They began to open fire on the poor diner and soon gunpowder stifled the air of the room and made everything cloudy.  The sounds of gunshots were deafening, bouncing off the walls as though they were made of rubber.  Time seemed to slow down as I clambered out of my side of the booth and rolled underneath the table.  In the commotion of the table behind her, Nova had fallen out of her chair and was now pressed up against a wall.  I turned my head towards the shooters and watched a random bullet begin to fly in her direction.

Instantly I was on my feet.  She couldn’t go.

Not now.  I needed her.  She was my best friend.  I’d already almost killed her once that year- I was the one driving us in the car when we got into our accident.  I couldn’t let anything else risk her life.

Without thinking, I flipped the table backwards and sprang at her faster than I thought was humanly possible…but then again, I wasn’t exactly human anymore, was I?  I felt my body crash into hers, sending her sprawling to the ground with a loud groan.  Her head hit the ground roughly and I watched as her eyes fluttered closed.  Her chest continued to rise and fall, though; at least I knew that while she’d have a bruise and a killer headache when she regained consciousness, it was better than the potential hole in her body from which I’d managed to save her.

The End

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