Chapter Seven: Page 7Mature

“Okay, guys, that’s enough,” I said, laughing as we reached the eighteenth hole.  Nova wasn’t playing anymore, as she’d gotten angry at the little ball and chucked it into a fountain.  Instead, she trailed along behind and kept score.  Ezra and I were pretty close to tied, but Simon managed to kick our asses in every course.  “This isn’t Guantanamo Bay.  Let’s back off of him a little.”

“It’s okay, Mina,” Ezra said, lining his shot up to hit his golf ball.  He hit the little red ball and it went sailing over the green, through the windmill…and bounced off the clown’s face at the last minute.  “They’re just being protective.  It’s admirable and I appreciate the attention they give you.”

“We’re her closest friends.  We like looking out for her,” said Nova.  “Mina, you’re up.”  I rolled my eyes and set my ball down, lining up just the way Ezra had.  I took a deep breath and tapped the ball gently, sending it rolling over the course and right into the hole.

“You got it!” Ezra said as the lights started flashing and music started playing.  “You made it!”

“I won?” I gasped.  “I won!”  Excited, I started jumping up and down; Ezra jumped with me.  “I can’t believe it!”  I grabbed the lapels of his jacket, pulled him down, and kissed him.  After a second, we broke apart and I glanced behind him to see Nova and Simon gaping at us with open mouths.

“Simon…Simon, let’s go…get…ice cream or something.”  She pulled his arm and they left, so Ezra and I were alone.

“Well, that was sudden,” he said softly as I let go of his jacket.  He smiled softly, his lips barely brushing up against mine.  “But I liked it.”  He slid his hand down the side of my face and tilted my chin up so he could kiss me again.

The End

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