Chapter Seven: Page 6Mature

“Are we all set to go?” Simon asked, looking around the room.  Everyone nodded, so we walked out of the dorm and into the parking lot.

“I’d offer to let us take my car, but it only seats two,” said Nova.  “Would you mind if we took yours?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Ezra.  We all climbed into the car, me in the front with Ezra and Simon and Nova sitting together in the back.  Together, we sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes before Ezra spoke again.

“So, Simon, Mina says you’re into art.  Have you heard of Emerson Tethereax?”

Simon scoffed and leaned forward.  “Have I heard of him?  I tried to track him for literally two weeks and I couldn’t find him.  He’s like a freaking ghost.  His tags are legendary.”

Their obsession over this street artist continued all the way to the Lil’ Mini Putt-Putt Golf Course.  “I have this, everyone,” said Ezra, walking up to the counter.  “You guys sit.  Anyone have a color preference?”

“Blue!” said Simon and Nova at the same time as we sat down at one of the picnic tables.  Ezra chuckled and turned away as they glared at each other.  I punched them both on their shoulders and stared them down.

“Behave,” I hissed as Ezra came over a minute later.  “Hey!” I said, turning around to face him.

“There’s two shades of blue,” he said, handing Nova and Simon each a ball.  Luckily, he decided to hand Simon the ball that matched his hair and eyes so he wouldn’t pitch a fit.  “And I got you purple because I remember you said it was your favorite color.”  He helped me stand up, offering his hand and pulling, and Nova and Simon stood up as well.  “Are we ready to play some mini-golf?”

Throughout the game, Nova and Simon questioned Ezra constantly about every aspect of his life like he was in an interrogation.

What’s your favorite color?  “I’m a fan of red, but I like all colors.”

Where were you born?  “New York City.  Moved to Everground when I was sixteen.”

What do you want to do once you’re out of college?  “I don’t know.  Translation, maybe, or teaching.  I have a deep fondness for language.”

Favorite television show?  “It’s one of those obscure detective shows from the eighties.  I could watch more current stuff, but I enjoy a certain amount of antiqueness when watching television.”

The End

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