Chapter Seven: Page 5Mature

Several hours later, Nova and Simon were putting the finishing touches on my outfit.  Nova cinched a wide brown belt on over the top of my white eyelet lace skirt and Simon clasped the silver heart pendant around my neck, leaving it long enough so that it barely brushed the neckline of my flowered tank top.  My phone, charging on the top of the dresser, buzzed loudly and chimed, notifying us of a new text.  While Simon pushed me down on the sofa to put on a pair of flat Grecian sandals over my freshly manicured feet, Nova checked to see who it was.

“He’s here!” she said loudly.  “One of the other students let me in and he’s coming to the room!”  She glanced around at the messy room and groaned, beginning the arduous task of shoveling everything into one of her closets.  Simon helped me to my feet, smoothed my skirt for me and slipped a white leather jacket of Nova’s over my shoulders as Nova grunted and pushed against the door of her closet.  It clicked closed, just as the phone buzzed again and someone knocked three times on the door.

“Ezra!” I said, pulling open the door and smiling widely before pulling him into the now straightened room.  “How are you?”

“I’m good, thanks,” he said, hugging me.  “Happy you decided to give me a second chance.”

“Ezra, man, nice to see you again,” said Simon from his spot on the sofa.  He looked so calm and collected, like he hadn’t just spent the last thirty seconds rushing around to make sure I looked absolutely perfect for this date.  A strand of his blue hair fell into his face and he smoothed it back up into the rest of his gelled spikes.

“You remember Simon,” I said, gesturing first to him and then over to Nova.  “And this is my other best friend, Nova Jefferson.”

“Hi, I’ve heard so much about you,” said Nova, slipping the sunglasses she was wearing up onto the top of her head.  They shook hands and she smiled at him, throwing a flash of the pearly whites her parents had spent so much money on.  I envied how put together and casual she looked right now: her blond hair was twisted into a bun just behind her left ear, her white fingernails popped against her black t-shirt, and her jean shorts were adorable.

Now I was the one who was overdressed and I was once again out of place.  I just couldn’t catch a break.

The End

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