Chapter Seven: Page 2Mature

The banging on Nova’s door made me wince and, as I stood up to open it, I knew that there was already a hurricane sized storm brewing between my friends.  “What the hell is your problem, bitch?” Simon demanded, shoving his way past me to push Nova and her wheeled chair up against the wall.  I don’t know what the fuck is up with you, but you had better fucking leave me out of it.  I’m done with your shit!”

“Hey, whoa!” I said, pushing the two of them apart.  Nova’s chair was already against one wall and I managed to shove Simon just as far the opposite way.

It wasn’t a long distance, but score one for cyborg strength.

“Let’s solve this with words, okay?  No need to get upset, no need to touch each other, you hear me?  Now, Simon, what did Nova do this time?”  I had just woken up and I was a mediator.  I was going to need some coffee soon , because it seemed like I was going to be here for quite a while before we went to breakfast.

“You know how I don’t like to be rushed about things?”  I nodded.  He’d already been a textbook procrastinator.  All homework had to be done at midnight the night before it was due and, if it was a particularly important paper or project, it was normally delayed even longer than that.  His procrastination wasn’t a very desirable trait, but it was one that Nova and I had learned to tolerate for the most part.

Although it seemed like Nova wasn’t going to tolerate it any longer.  “Well, she’s trying to make me feel guilty and bad about myself by asking about that fucking Italian essay!  She woke up this morning and instantly started texting me about how many pages I had and how many words it  had to be and how much she already had fucking done.”

“Nova, did you do that?”  Her infantile response of crossing her arms over her chest and ignoring me was pretty much confirmation that she did.  “Nova.  Seriously.  You can’t ride Simon about stuff.  You know that, alright?  Please, just…”  I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, trying to think and start my brain even though I lacked my normal dosage of caffeine.  “Just drop it for today, okay?  He’s got that art thing and we don’t want to jinx it, remember.”  When it came to his art, Simon was serious.  He often forgot to eat while working on something and he was a strong believer in superstition and jinxes whenever he had a big project due.  Friday the 13ths turned into hell for him, he refused to enter pet shops for fear  of encountering a black cat, and if it rained, he would often just run to wherever he needed to go rather than risk having an umbrella open inside.

“Right,” Nova grumbled.  I could tell that although she might be conceding on this one point, the battle was far from over.  It was going to be a few hours before Nova was her normal cheery self again. 

“Are we ready to go to breakfast?” I asked Nova.  She nodded and I turned to Simon.  There didn’t seem to be a hangover today so I invited him as well, to a positive response.

The End

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