Chapter Six: Page 4Mature

The words were so cold and quick that I wasn’t quite sure that I’d actually heard her correctly.  For a minute, I thought that maybe my ears were playing tricks on me, but that hadn’t happened since the accident.  “I want you out of this house by the end of tomorrow.  I want you gone.  I’m done with you, Mina.”  The first and only time she’d ever used my nickname and it was as an insult as she kicked me out of the house.

“Thank God,” I said, stomping out of the room upstairs to my bedroom.  My voice bordered on shrill as I screamed, “I wouldn’t have it any other way!”  Wiping tears away from my eyes, I slammed my door shut and slid down it until I was sitting on the ground with my back to the door.  I had my phone in my hand and I was lucky that I knew Nova’s phone number by heart, because I couldn’t see the screen of my cell phone through the tears clearly enough to dial an unknown number.

It was only about nine at night, so I knew that she’d still be up, but it didn’t stop me from whispering, “Pick up pick up pick up” urgently underneath my breath.

“Hello?” she finally asked, picking up after a breathtaking five rings.  “What is it, Mina?  I was just about to go to bed.”  Judging from the clicking sounds, it was highly unlikely that she was anywhere near sleep, but I didn’t want to say so right now.

“She finally did it, Nova,” I said, and the clacking of keys in the background froze.  For years, Nova and I had joked around about being kicked out of our houses, seeing as how neither of us really fit into the perfect picture that our families painted around us.  “She wants me out of the house by tomorrow night, but I honestly can’t say here much longer…Nova, would you mind if I stayed over in your room for a few nights?  Just until I’m able to get an apartment or something for myself?”

“Of course, honey,” she said.  “You have my car.  Pack up your stuff, drive over here, and I’ll let you in.  You can stay with me as long as you like.  Just give me a text when you get here so I can be waiting by the door.  I’ll see you in a little bit.”

After she’d hung up, I emptied out everything I had in my room and stuffed as much of it as I could into the front trunk space of Nova’s sports car.  Originally meant to be Nova’s going away present from her parents, she’d only gotten it back from the shop a few weeks ago because it had been the car where we’d gotten into our accident.  After yelling at Nova for sneaking it out of the garage without their permission, they’d fixed everything- characteristically sparing no expense- and returned the Lamborghini to her in brand new condition.  Much to Simon’s chagrin, I was still the only other person she allowed to drive it alone, despite being the one who had gotten into the accident in the first place.

I slammed the front door shut one last time, pleased that I’d most likely woken everyone else in the house up, and stormed out to the car.  My hands shook as I started the car and I don’t know how I was able to drive over to the campus without completely breaking down into tears.  I managed to, though, and I texted her to let her know I was here.  Nova stood just inside the dorm, hair and pajamas thoroughly rumpled from sleep.  She pushed open the door, letting me inside as she rubbed sleep encrusted gunk away from her eyes.

“You got everything?” she asked and I nodded, shifting the boxes that contained my stuff around in my arms so that I could get a better grip.  I was lucky that I didn’t have much; after the accident, I’d changed sizes so I was still in the process of recreating my wardrobe from scratch.  Besides, nearly everything that I wore had been something of Nova’s at one time or another, anyway.

“Yeah,” I said, plastering a smile that I didn’t feel onto my face.  If I couldn’t hear the sadness in my own voice, then Nova definitely wouldn’t pick up on it.  As much as I didn’t want to care, I couldn’t deny that being kicked out of the house was a crippling blow.  I had nowhere to go.  I’d known that my mother didn’t like me- it was an easy fact to admit when I’d lived with it all my life- and I’d often joked about being kicked out before I was twenty, but I’d never actually considered the possibility that it might happen.  “I’m sorry for waking you up so late at night.”

The End

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