Chapter Five: Page 7Mature

“What’d she say?” I asked warily, making a face.

“She wants you to come inside.  I’m a wonder with moms, you know.  They really seem to like me for some reason.”

I laughed quickly, unable to stop the bubble that escaped and instead covered my mouth with my hand.  “I’m sorry, but she doesn’t like you, Ezra.  She doesn’t like anyone I know.  Secretly, she’s seething with anger and she doesn’t like the people outside our house to know.”  I opened the door of his car and slid out, walking around to the other side so that I was just in front of his window.  My house was just up the path, but I didn’t feel like going inside just yet.  “So I’ll see you?”

“Yeah.  I’ll call you.”  He smiled and I turned away.  The ‘I’ll call you’.  It’d had been a long time, but I had gotten that response before.  Date number two was a no-go.  As I was about to start up the pavement, Ezra grabbed my hand and turned me back around.  “Mina.  I know what you’re thinking and I’m not just saying that.  I promise.  I’ll call or text or message or something.  I really do want to go on a real first date with you.”

“Okay,” I said, smiling back at him this time as I felt my insides melt to complete mush.  “Good night, Ezra.”

“Good night, Mina,” he said as I started the doomed walk up to my house.        

The End

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