Chapter Four: Page 5Mature

“Wilhelmina!”  I slammed the front door behind me before my mother could say anything else and practically slid down the driveway in my heels.  Ezra’s car was dark, shiny, and expensive, with gleams of wax reflecting light from the garage onto the street.  I wasn’t quite sure how a college student would be able to afford such a nice car.  Maybe who had amazing parents who gave their kids cars for special occasions, or maybe he was secretly a billionaire.  Wouldn’t be the first in Everground.

“Are you still in a rush to get to Italian class?” he joked as I opened the door, clambered in, and slammed the door behind me in less than three seconds.  The car still had that certain smell and I couldn’t see an air freshener anywhere.  “Seriously, it’s fine.  We have plenty of time.  Sherri says that Elemantra’s is only a few miles away from here.”  He tapped the GPS unit attached to the dashboard and grinned.

“Right,” I said, taking a deep breath and smiling back at him as I let it out.  “Let’s go have some fun.  How fast can you drive?”

“Really?  That’s honestly the first question you ask tonight, is how fast I can drive?”  His eyes gleamed with hidden laughter and I couldn’t help my smile growing wider.

“Oh, well, the answer to that question could make or break this date, I think.”

In response, he revved the engine loudly.  “Does that answer your question, Mina?”

I closed my eyes as the car jolted forward slightly, beginning to carry us to our destination.  The smile slipped from my face to be replaced by a small smirk.  “More than you could know, Ezra.”

The End

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