Chapter Three: Page 9Mature

“I know.  I’m reacting the same way, to be honest.  It’s with a guide I met this morning who walked me to Italian and we sit next to each other in chem lab, apparently.  Anyway, he had these reservations to Elemantra’s that needed to be filled up and I said I’d go so that he didn’t have to pay the cancellation fee.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?  Elemantra’s?  There’s a six month wait for reservations there!  It’s a miracle if you can get a reservation for a weekday, let alone a Friday night.  Even my parents can’t swing that!  This has to be a joke, right?  No one just has these reservations sitting around.  If that’s what happened, you’re going to end the night by getting murdered and dumped in an alley.”

“That’s what I thought when he first invited me, but everything’s totally legitimate.  I checked the reservations and everything.  Please, Nova.”  I saw down on a bench outside of Blake Hall, where most of the math kids had their classes and the place where I knew Nova would be spending much of her college career.  “I really need your help.  And your closet.  But mostly you.”  I thought for a moment.  “And we should probably get Simon in on this as well.”  I was going to need all the help I could get.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” she sighed and I sat on the bench nervously.  While I waited, I called Simon and told him to meet us in the dorm, finishing up just as Nova emerged from the building.

“You’re such a lifesaver,” I gushed to her as we hurried across campus to her dorm room.  Luckily for me, Nova was fast, even in the high heeled wedges she was wearing, and we managed to arrive there in record time.  She unlocked her door and walked inside, instantly kicking off the fabulous shoes she was wearing so they scattered across the room.  Nova was one of the few students in the freshman class who managed to secure a single dorm, a fact that was mostly due to the influence she held as the daughter of a wealthy CEO.  Simon and I abused this privilege a lot, using it to our advantage all the time.  She would never have to check with a roommate to see if he was allowed to come over and I had been given clearance to stay the night whenever I wanted.

This arrangement had also offered Nova some extra closet space for the expensive clothes she had accumulated over the years.  Simon was already in the room waiting for us, reading one of the countless fashion magazines that Nova left scattered around.  We’d only been here a few days and already her room was messy.  He swatted one of her shoes away from his face and circled something in the book with the pen he normally kept tucked behind his ear.  “Nova, did you know that my perfect nail polish color is clear?  What the fuck is with that?  I happen to think that I very much embrace my ability to wear fire-engine red.  This magazine sucks.”

“What is that, the spring style issue?” she asked, glancing at the model posing on the front cover.  She frowned and went back to opening the door of her closet and searching through her clothing items.  “Yeah, that makes sense.  The entire issue was a plug for topcoat nail polish and expensive perfumes that smelled horrible.  Every answer in that quiz is some form of clear.  Don’t feel bad.  We know you’re fabulous.”

He smirked and threw the magazine to the side.  “I know, I know.  Huge stereotype right here.”  Over the summer, something had happened that he wouldn’t tell Nova or I about but I had my suspicions that whatever it was had caused this new change in his attitude toward gay stereotypes.  Simon before this summer would have hated new Simon, but new Simon didn’t mind that he was a gay art student who shared an apartment with four girls.  “But hey, I’m not a total collection of untrue facts.  I’m not a good actor and you can attest for how messy I am.  I am just about the only gay guy who’s messy.”

The End

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