Chapter Three: Page 8Mature

“What do you want?” I asked curtly, not bothering to engage in small talk that would be unpleasant for both of us.  Luckily for me, she didn’t bother with me and didn’t put up a fight, either.

“What’s your code to the house?  I forgot mine and you know I can’t get in without it.  I really don’t want to stand out here more than necessary, Mina.”  Sam’s protective tendencies had reached such heights that he had recently installed a new, state-of-the-art lock system over the entire house.  It required a special seven digit code to enter and exit any room, so that no matter where we were in the house, we could be easily tracked.  The system was so new that this turn of events didn’t surprise me at all.

Normally, I’d  be just fine with leaving her outside to suffer and waiting until I got home, but after the glass incident two months ago, I was skating on some pretty thin ice with my mother.  I sighed.  “My code is written down and stuffed under the largest rock in the front garden.  Please make sure you write a note telling Sam and Mom that it was you and not me who used my code.  She responded with an uncertain yeah, whatever that didn’t inspire much trust on my part and hung up on me quickly.  So much for step-sisterly love.  As for now, I had a decent bus ride back to my house and a lot of homework to make some progress on before I left for tonight.

But first, I had to take a quick detour to Nova’s if I wanted a chance of looking presentable for tonight.  I didn’t have many clothes in my closet right now; after the accident, I found that I’d added on a few inches to my height and that Nova and I were now the same size.  Needless to say, I hadn’t bought myself an evening dress since then so I was forced to borrow one.  Luckily for me, Nova live across campus in one of the dorms, despite the mansion she used to call home being located only minutes from Everground University’s campus.  If I didn’t know why she’d made the conscious decision to move out of her lavish house into the bare-bone dorms of Marscino Hall, I’d have called her an idiot to her face.

But not right this moment, because I was in need of a humongous favor.  I dialed her number and began walking as fast as I could.  After a series of three nervously long rings, she picked up.  “What do you want, Mina?” she hissed angrily at me.  “I’m at the Math Club meeting and my advisor said that I need to get in with these guys if I want to do well during this first year.”  I laughed once, sarcastically, and I could practically hear the smile on her face as her anger melted away.  “Yeah, I mean, not that I’m not going to do fabulous anyway, but still, it’d be good to have an edge.”

“I got a date,” I said quickly and I could hear Nova’s sharp intake of surprise through the horrible quality of my cell phone.  She knew of my preference to get to know people before dating and she also knew how often I elected to not date people, so this was pretty out of the blue for me.

“You did what?”

The End

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