Chapter Three: Page 7Mature

“Oh, really?” I asked, snorting slightly.  “Like what?”

“I know your name is Wilhelmina Percival.  I know you prefer for people to call you Mina and I know that you get upset when they don’t comply.  I know that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I can find you in a chemistry lab about explosive materials in Granger Laboratory from twelve thirty to two.  I know your professor is Dr. Davis and I know that your lab partner is a girl named Amy Sharpe.  I know that you think she’s smart, but I know for a fact that she doesn’t pay attention in class, so I know that you’ll want to be careful of that when it comes time to using the actual explosive materials.”

I nodded slowly, my mouth slightly open in shock about all he knew.  “So I am going to end up dead in an alley, I guess.  Can you at least make sure it’s a nice one?  No hobos and as few used needles as possible?  Maybe leave my teeth intact so that they can pull up my dental records to identify my body?”

“Mina, I’m in that class with you.”  He rolled his eyes ostentatiously and the grin on his lips widened again.  “I sit at the table to your left.  One more person or one less and we probably would have been partners.  I remember because you showed up late yesterday.  You were panting and it was pretty obvious you’d just run across campus.”  Yesterday had been the first official day of classes and my mother had managed to forget to wake me up that one time.  I grimaced and groaned softly, knowing that I must have looked like a complete mess.  But what Ezra said next surprised me.

“It was…interesting seeing you that day, to say the least.  I mean, I wasn’t even supposed to be in class yet, but I signed up to be an orientation guide at the last minute.  You looked cute with your hair falling into your eyes and your cheeks all flushed.  I thought I might like to get to know you better and today was just…fate, I guess.”  He reached out his hand, but withdrew it when it was within an inch of my face.  Instead, his grin turned awkward and he ran a hand through his brown hair.  “Which is strange because I don’t normally put much stock in fate.”  He thought about what he’d just said and grimaced.  “Please don’t think I’m weird.”

“You’re not weird,” I said.  I couldn’t help the smile that was spreading across my face.  If all college boys were this charming, then I didn’t know what any girl had to complain about..  “It’s sweet that you noticed me and remembered so much.  You know, I’d love to have dinner with you.”

“Great.  I’ll pick you up at seven thirty.  What dorm are you in?”

I bit my lip anxiously and sighed.  “Actually, I’m a commuter.  I live off campus in my family’s house.”  A loose term to describe how trapped I felt there sometimes, but he didn’t have to know all the details of my screwed up life yet.

Ezra pulled the phone out of his pocket and pressed a few buttons on the screen.  “Then give me your number.  I can text you from my phone and you can just text me your address later.”  I quickly told him and he began to tap out a message.  A second later, my phone began ringing to the tune of the Imperial Death March.  He frowned down at his screen and tilted his head.

“That was fast, considering that I didn’t even finish the text yet.”

“It’s my stepsister.  She’s calling me,” I said, holding up the glowing and vibrating phone that was still chiming out loudly.  “I have to take this, but I’ll see you tonight, okay?”  He nodded and I waved a quick goodbye before hurrying outside to talk to Molly.

The End

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