Chapter Three: Page 6Mature

“I don’t think that Elemantra’s has to obey the normal rules of restaurant-dom.  But I guess I’ll just cancel these very fancy reservations, then, and accept the two hundred dollar cancellation fee.”  I rolled my eyes as he pulled out his phone and, after scrolling through it for a moment, pressed a button.  He glanced over at me as it rang loudly on speaker.

How gullible did he think I was?  No one just happens to have unclaimed reservations at Elemantra’s, one of the nicest restaurants in Everground.  And considering that Everground was a veritable landmark for fine cuisine, as it was for nearly everything else, that was saying quite a lot.  No, Ezra had to be lying.  He was just throwing a name around.  He didn’t actually have reservations at…

“Elemantra’s, this is Ashley speaking.  How may I help you today?” asked an overly chirpy voice on the phone.

“Hi, my name is Ezra Payne and I wanted to confirm my reservation for tonight.”  He smirked and glanced over at me.  I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Just a moment, Mr. Payne.  Please hold.”  We stood in the nearly empty hallway, listening to pleasant classical music play through the phone until the chirpy Ashley came back on the line.

“We have your reservations right here, sir.  Ezra Payne with a reservation for two at eight o clock.”  Was he being legitimate right now?  Was I wasting his precious money by refusing his offer of a date?  I wasn’t normally one for wasting money and all this would cost me would be dinner at a restaurant so exclusive that even Nova’s family couldn’t get a table there at the last minute.  And, of course, more time spent with Ezra.

“Thank you, Ashley.  I’d like to…”  He glanced over at me and I sighed, emphatically nodding my head ‘yes’.  Grinning to himself, he turned away from me to continue speaking into the phone, which he took off of speaker phone.  “I’d like to request that when we get there, there’s a bottle of red wine breathing on the table… yes, whatever is in the cellar.  Best you have, I trust the sommelier… oh, no, only one.  My date can’t drink yet.  Thank you.”  He ended the call and turned the full blast of his smile on me.

“So we’re having dinner,” I said.

“So we’re having dinner,” he repeated slowly.  “Thanks so much for making the sacrifice.”

“Don’t mention it,” I said, raising an eyebrow.  “Although I’m just warning you now, I don’t generally do this.”

He frowned.  “You don’t generally have dinner?”

“Not on dates with boys I’ve only just met.  You know.  This.”  I gestured towards him, waving my hands up and down the entirety of him.  “I’m not really that kind of girl.  I like to get to know people before we date.  It’s how I’ve gotten this far in my life without ending up dead in an alley.”

“You think we’ve only just met?” he asked.  Now it was his turn to raise an eyebrow.  “Really?  I already know so much about you.”

The End

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