Chapter Three: Page 4Mature

I glanced up from my doodle filled notebook to see everyone in the room staring at me.  Simon was gripping his pencil so hard that it snapped in half and Nova’s computer was having a field day with the f key that she was pressing down unconsciously.  “Guess we found the know it all and the suck up,” I heard someone mutter.  I looked up again, saw my hand still in the air, and quickly lowered it.

Nova grabbed my notebook and started flipping through it.  “Where are your notes?” she asked me, pulling away a freshly darkened hand from the paper and looking at it with utter disgust.  Looks like the blue ink hadn’t dried quite yet.  “How did you know that off the top of your head?”  I shrugged, trying to convey to her without words that I had no idea about any of this.

“I’m just as confused as you are,” I said helplessly.  Professor Gergins clapped his hands together loudly, pulling everyone’s attention back to him.

“Congratulations, Miss…Percival.  I expect you’ll do well in my class.  Everyone, your homework tonight is to read chapter one in your textbook; additionally, it would be beneficial to your grade to begin the preliminary musings for the personal essays due in two weeks.  On that note, class dismissed.”  Nova gathered up all of her class materials quickly and rushed to the front of the room, ready to ask and pester the professor all about the essay we knew barely anything about.

“You go on ahead.  I’ll catch up with you guys later,” she called to Simon and me.  We nodded, exiting the classroom in a wave of fellow students.  Unfortunately, the line was killer and the pace to get out was moving as slowly as it possibly could.  This allowed Simon prime opportunity to interrogate me thoroughly.

“So…what was that back there, Mina?” he asked, shoving my shoulder with his own.  “Have you been studying behind our backs this whole time?  Trying to show us up on the first day of class?”

“I’m sorry, but how would that be possible?” I asked, playfully slapping the books he held in his arms.  Simon didn’t believe in backpacks and instead chose to schlep everything around with him from class to class.  “I mean, you did test out of the French language program here and we both know that Nova’s got her Spanish down so well that it’s scary.”  Damn her and her Hispanic heritage.

“Whatever, Boo.  What just happened back there was insane…no matter how you did it.”  We finally reached the door and I was surprised to see none other than Ezra, the guide from earlier, leaning against a nearby wall.  When he saw me, he replaced his phone into his pocket and walked over to me.

The End

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