Chapter Two: Page 7Mature

“Hey, thanks for staying with me, guys,” I said, watching as Simon propelled himself across the room on his stool without standing up.  He’d gotten a slice on his hand and a piece of glass had grazed Nova’s forehead, but both injuries were quickly covered by cartoonishly decorated Band-Aids from Simon’s wallet.  “It really means a lot to me.”

Nova smiled at me and tried to reach for the hand that I had hidden under the sheets, the one decorated with blood and glass shards.  I jerked away from her, causing the replacement of the kind look on her face with one filled with concern and hurt.  “Mina, it’s okay.  I just wanted to hold your hand.”  She reached for it again and I jerked it away from her once more.  Now she frowned.  “Stop being so evasive.  Simon, hold her arm down.”  She yanked back the sheets to reveal my bloodied hand.

Nova took one glance and screamed as loudly as she could.  Simon frantically pressed the call button on the remote that was attached to my bed.  “Shut up, Nova!” he shouted at her.  “I’m trying to call someone!”

“What’s wrong with you, Mina?” Nova asked, still hyperventilating heavily but managing to leak the words out.  “We know you didn’t throw that cup and don’t you dare try telling me that you just let it slip.”  She grabbed my wrist and twisted it harshly.  Tiny spots of light danced over the walls and ceiling, where the glass flew rainbow reflections across the room.  “That is sure as hell glass that’s embedded in your hand and the skin has already healed around it perfectly.”

Doctor White skidded into the room, evident by the large crash as she practically kicked the door in.  Her white tennis shoes slipped against the linoleum floors and she almost fell, but managed to catch herself at the last minute.  Doctor Everett was only steps behind her.  “What is it?” Doctor White asked breathlessly, running over to stare at me.  I took my hand back from Nova and held it up to show both of my doctors.

“I got mad and I…I was holding a glass.”  Doctor White sighed as she pulled a pair of glasses from her lab coat pocket and slipped them onto her nose.  She nudged Nova out of the way as Doctor Everett ushered Simon off of the rolling stool and passed Doctor White a pack of sterilized instruments.

“What did we tell you, Mina?” scolded Doctor Everett as Doctor White snapped the band around a pair of latex gloves and examined my hand with trained eyes.  She began to wash the skin with a soap that stained my skin orange-brown, like I’d gone a little wild with spray tan.  The antiseptic smell clogged my nose for a second before fading into the background.  “We said specifically that your emotions would affect your movements more than they did before and it was your responsibility to keep them in check.  If you don’t take this more seriously, things like this are going to happen to you until you get more control.”

“Sorry,” I muttered as Doctor White ripped open the pack of tools and picked up a pair of tweezers.  “I didn’t mean to cause more work for you, I just…

“Mina, you have nothing to apologize for.  Honestly, we should have been monitoring you more carefully.  Don't blame yourself for this."  She placed the tweezers' tips at the base of the largest shard that was embedded in my hand.  I flinched, but there didn't seem to be any pain and the slight stinging sensation I'd had when the glass had first shattered was gone.  If I hadn't been looking at my hand, I would have thought she'd just placed her finger there, the touch was so light.  "Now it's my turn to say sorry.  This may hurt.  It shouldn't and I honestly don't think it will, but if it does, I'm sorry."  She clamped the shard in between the ends of the tweezers and was about to pull it out when Nova grabbed her arm.

"Shouldn't she get local anesthesia first?  You didn't even give her a topical solution to numb the pain, let alone a needle to pull it out.  You just went straight for the povidone-iodine and didn't even think about it."  Whatever Nova had just said, it sounded fancy and legitimate and it should have, because Nova knew her way around a hospital.  She was enrolled as a math major at Everground University with Simon and me, but she would have made a great pre-med student.

Then again, with her past as a gold medal gymnast at the Junior Olympics and a national karate champion, Nova would be the obvious person to know more than they should about medical processes.  Combined with her almost seemingly incompatibly clumsy nature, Nova had been in the hospital too many times to count over the years.

"Yes, we could give her a shot or topical cream, but it would be a waste of materials.  The numbing would wear off too quickly for the effect to take place," said Doctor White, yanking her arm away from Nova and swiftly tugging the shard out at the same time.  "Her body processes it all too fast for it to make a difference.  Did that hurt?"  After a split second, I realized that the question had been aimed at me instead of Nova and I shook my head.  If anything, it tickled.  Doctor White gave Nova a smug look and glanced back down at my hand, continuing to pluck shards of glass out.

There was no way I could continue this conversation without first explaining everything to Simon and Nova.  They were staring with such wide eyes that there was no way they didn't know something was up with me.

The End

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