Chapter Two: Page 6Mature

“Ow, “ I muttered, glancing down at my hands.  Blood began to creep out of the small cuts that decorated it, and glass shards were studded all along my palm and fingers.  My eyes widened in shock.  Quickly, before anyone looked backup after hiding from the blast of glass pieces, I shoved my hand underneath the hospital bed sheets and positioned them carefully so that no one would be able to see what had happened to me.  I was going to need to get Doctor Everett or Doctor White in here soon.

“Are you alright, baby?” I heard my mother ask.  Taken aback by her question, I stopped repositioning the blankets and frowned at her.

“Yeah,” I said, confused.  “Yeah, Mom, I’m…”  And that was the moment that I realized she had never been talking to me.  Her hand was hovering above a shallow cheek on Molly’s cheek and she was shushing her precious stepdaughter as tears welled up in both of their eyes.  While my mother’s tears might have been out of legitimate concern, I knew for a fact that Molly hadn’t cried in years.  “Fine.  Just fine.  Nova, Simon, are you okay?”

They murmured quietly, the cuts they had received only being superficial, that they were fine, but Molly cut them off

“Cassie!”  Molly wailed loudly as my mother rifled through the pockets of her suit jacket, her purple coat, and her handbag for a tissue, finally producing one.  “It hurts.  It hurts a lot, Cassie.”

She placed the corner of the treasured tissue along the line on Molly’s cheek and wiped away a bead of blood.  “Shh, shh, Molly,” my mother cooed to her.  “It’s okay.  You’re going to be fine.”

Now she turned towards me, fire blazing without consequence in her eyes.  Her voice was ice cold and sharp as a knife.  “Wilhelmina Gabrielle Percival.  Why did you throw that cup at your sister?”

“I didn’t…” I began to protest, but the words died on my lips after I thought about it for a second.  If I denied this ‘attack’ on Molly, the next thing she’d ask me was what I had done exactly.  What would I be able to say to her after this incident?

That I’d been so angry at Molly’s constant criticisms about me right in front of her face without any repercussions, so angry that I’d been imagining choking her in my head, and that my hands had responded by accidentally squeezing the glass just a little bit too hard?  And how did I manage to do that, she’d wonder, seeing as how I had never been a gym rat, or even really exercised beyond occasionally joining Nova or Simon for a run?

And that would be it.  That would have to be the moment that I finally told her about my new powers.  That I was now gifted with amazing abilities.  And I didn’t expect her to react any differently than being horrified.

She’d call me a metal girl.

A cyborg.

A freak.

“I didn’t mean to,” I finished.  “The glass, it must have…slipped.  Doctor Everett and Doctor White mentioned that it was a distinct possibility that I would be a lot weaker because of the toll the accident took.  They said it was my muscles atrophying or something.”   My mother glared at me, but took the bait.  She was apparently so disgusted with my face that she couldn’t bear to look at me and instead turned back to Molly.

“We’re going to go downstairs to have this cut looked at in the emergency room.”  The thin line that graced Molly’s face barely warranted anything more than a Band-Aid, but I wasn’t arguing; the sooner the two of them left, the better.  I’d have done almost anything to get them out of here.  “We’ll see you soon, Wilhelmina.”  She ushered Molly from the room and slammed the door behind her, leaving me alone with Simon and Nova.

The End

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