Chapter Two: Page 5Mature

Finally, I got the cup and a travel hairbrush from her purse.  “You need to brush your hair,” my mother said flippantly as she continued to rifle through her purse.  “It looks like rats have been living in it.”  That’d be the constant surgery, I assumed, but my mother’s disapproval was just the confidence booster I needed then.

“Thanks,” I said, slowly raising the brush to the back of my head.  When I had to concentrate on my motions so much, like I was now, brushing hair was a lot harder than it normally was.  Still, as I struggled to pull the brush through my new synthetic hair without ripping it all out of my head.  Simon took the brush from  me gently and began running it through my hair.

“I got it, Boo,” he said comfortingly.  As much as Simon might hate gay stereotypes and tried his best to prove them all wrong with the way he acted, doing hair was one thing that he was able to amazingly.

“And have a mint.  Your breath, Wilhelmina…”  She shoved a breath mint into my slightly open mouth, making me gag as extreme mint overtook my sinuses with a furious devotion.  I’d never been a big fan of mint- I could only just barely stand mint chocolate chip ice cream- and overly minty things like the tiny white candy my mother had just shoved in my mouth used to make me sick when I was a little girl; still, my mother always seemed  to forget this fact.  Luckily, Nova was there was a plastic cup that I could spit the small white circle into discreetly.

“It stinks,” Molly said, finished my mother’s sentence as she texted her friends.  I looked to my mother for support, but she was once again more interested in the game on her phone than whatever trouble was plaguing me.  I could feel the anger rising in my chest like indigestion, so I took a deep breath and let it out quickly.

Just let it go, Mina.  Wait it out.  They never stay around for very long.  This visit would not be an exception to that rule.

“And you’ve got droll stains all around your mouth.  What did you do, donate your ape genes to science?”  Her annoying giggle echoed around the room and I squeezed the sheets even tighter.  Keep it together, Mina.  You have this.  I felt Simon’s cool hands stroking my hair and Nova patting my hand comfortingly.  Direct all your attention to your friends.  They’re not going to do anything to hurt you.

“And can you do something about your outfit?  I mean, honestly.  A paper hospital gown?  That’s never in style.”  The glass sitting in my hand shattered and a scream ripped through the room.

The End

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