Chapter One: Page 8Mature

I glared down at my body and yanked the white blanket that covered me off to the side, so it draped over the railing and trailed on the floor.  My toes curled at the feeling of the cold and my eyes traveled up from my toes to my legs, continuing further and further until I couldn’t look any farther.

It was all gone.  None of this was me.

“Who…”  My voice was raspy and I cleared the rest of the sadness away, with a touch of my hand to my clavicle.  “Who else knows about this?”  I crossed my fingers and held baited breath.

“No one.  As of nineteen days ago, you’re eighteen.  That invokes doctor-patient confidentiality.”

“But my mother--”

“Knows only the vague details.  A condition of the donation was that we keep it a secret and reveal the procedure only to the patient.  Your family knows you were saved through a miraculous surgery at the last minute and your mother signed off so that we could take all necessary measures, but no one will know anything more about this ordeal unless you decide to tell them.  No one can breathe a word of this to anyone, including Doctor White.  Trust me, Mina, you’re safe here.”

“What does this mean?” I asked him, my voice shaky yet again.  “I mean, what do I have to do?  I’m supposed start college in…God, a month, and Doctor White mentioned that I might need physical therapy.”  Doctor Everett glared at the younger doctor, who stared with a ferocious intensity at the ground in shame and clasped her hands behind her back. I’d gotten her in trouble, it seemed.

“At the moment, you’re doing fine, but we’ll want to keep you under observation for as long as necessary.  There will be new medications you’ll have to take, which I’m sure Doctor White already mentioned, but that’s a lot easier than some of the other things we’ll have to get through.  As for the physical therapy note, I’ll put you down for a consult tomorrow and we’ll see how you’re doing.”  He glanced at my hands.  “But with all of these new changes and new technology, there are consequences.  You have new abilities, Mina; you’re not the same girl anymore.”

I chuckled darkly at his grave tone.  “I think I got that when you told me I was mostly robot, but thanks for the clarification.”

“I’m being very serious right now, Mina.  Your emotions will affect your movements more than they did before, so you’ll have to keep them in check.  Make sure that you keep calm when you’re around other people.  Deep breaths, counting to ten, simply walking away, whatever works for you, just defuse the situation before your emotions get the better of you.  You can’t ever let your instincts overtake your rational thought.”  I had a history of getting into arguments with certain people.  This wasn’t going to be a cake walk, I was certain of that.

“I am her mother!  Don’t you dare tell me I can’t see my child!”

A voice out in the hallway broke through the soundless barrier of the door and I winced internally.  Doctor Everett smiled sympathetically at my plight.  He had spoken to her at least once, I supposed to get consent for my operations, but that must have been all he needed to feel the wrath and pain that my mother thrived on.  “Are you feeling up to some visitors right now, Mina?”

The End

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