Chapter One: Page 6Mature

I sniffed once, looking up at her.  “What?” I asked, bewildered.  “A new body?”

“Yeah.  It looks exactly like your old body did, I promise, but it’s not quite your old body.  Actually, it’s not really your old body at all.  Almost everything is different now.  Your skeleton is mostly metal.  Your skin and muscles are lab created; it’s a new organic compound we recently developed with incredible strength and resilience.  Your organs are all donated from people who were pulled off of life support.  Of course, your blood is the same type, but due to the mechanical nature of everything, we’ve had to combine it with a few oils we developed in the lab.  You’ll have to ingest those a few times a day through vitamins.  And your brain is…”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said, laughing.  “Come on, a new body made of metal?  What is this, a comic book?  There’s no way that this isn’t some huge elaborate prank.”  There were certain people that I definitely wouldn’t put pulling a stunt like this past.  It had happened before.

Doctor White frowned slightly at my laughter.  “Mina, this is no laughing matter.  What I’m telling you will have a significant impact on your life for as long as you live.  You have to take it seriously or I’m going to be forced to…”

“To what?” I said, gripping the sheets on my bed tightly.  My laughter stopped and I sneered at the girl.  “To go running to Doctor Everett?  Guess what, Katerina.  He’s not going to do a damn thing for you and you know why?  I’ll tell him about this.  I’ll tell him about all the lies you’ve been telling me and it’s curtains for Doctor McFlustered.”

Doctor White’s eyes filled with tears and it was now that I started to regret the things I’d said.  Still, she had no right to lie to me.  I was a patient to her; there must be some oath or rule that made sure she told me everything.  “Mina, I know what you must be thinking, but…”  She glanced at the door to my room, which was cracked just enough so that I was able to see the bustle of the ward’s hallway through it.  She grabbed the edge of a curtain and wrapped it around my bed, obscuring us from view as she scurried over to my side.  The clipboard was still in her grasp, surprisingly, and she flipped it open with confident hands that didn’t shake.

“Read it if you want,” she whispered, shoving the paper at me.  “I’m not supposed to do this with patients, but under the circumstances, I can tell that nothing’s going to convince you.  I just don’t think you will properly process this news unless you read it yourself.”  She chuckled and it was odd, coming from the girl who had been shaking like a dog only minutes before.

I’d never seen a medical chart before; I’d only just graduated high school and I wasn’t really accident prone.  Still, this was creepy.  Everything about me was now written clear as day on that paper.  My new life.

Patient was presented unconscious with multiple injuries to body.  Damage control was enacted and she was then placed in a medically induced coma for three days.  Regained consciousness for a few moments before passing again and being taken back into surgery; more finesse work was able to be performed.  Patient coded twice on the table and operation was considered too risky to continue.  Damage control was resumed once again and she was replaced into a coma.  There was a break in what I assumed was Doctor Everett’s messy scrawl and a few lines down, there were three sentences written in a flowery handwriting that could only have belonged to Doctor White.

Patient has been saved, thanks to an anonymous donation.  Body has been fully reconstructed according to plans.  Further study is required and physical therapy is a distinct possibility.

The End

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