Chapter One: Page 5Mature

“Oh,” I mumbled quietly.

“Your mother said that if you weren’t showing signs of improvement by the time the insurance ran out, we were supposed to call it.  Just before that happened, though, the hospital got an incredible donation from an anonymous benefactor.  It gave us the opportunity to save your life and every cost was covered pro bono.  Your life was saved, but the measures we took were extremely radical.  Drastic actions were taken, and we thought you would die more than once during the surgeries.”

“But I’m not dead,” I said, chuckling nervously.  “I’m obviously very much alive, as you can see.”  I pointed boldly at the heart monitor next to me.  “See?  Steady as an ox, right?”

“Mina…”  Doctor White sighed tiredly as she crossed from the front of my bed over to the side.  “Please, you have to be little gentler nowadays.”  Her cool fingers wrapped around my wrist and I glanced over at the mess I’d made.  The monitor’s screen was smashed, wires were tangled with my IV, and sparks were shedding all over my hand.  I yanked my arm back from the damage, pulling Doctor White along with it so that she was mere inches away from me.  “Please,” she gasped, trying to control herself.  I could feel her heart frantically pounding through her shaky grasp on me.  “Calm down just a little and it’ll help.  Please.”

“What’s wrong with me?” I asked her, twisting my wrist so that our roles were reversed: I was now grabbing onto her hand so that she couldn’t back away.  “Why did I do that?  I meant to point.  I didn’t mean to break it, I’m sorry.”  I looked downward, pushing hot tears back down into myself.

Idiot.  Stupid.  They shouldn’t allow you in hospitals.  Seriously, you’ve been here for, what, five minutes, and you’ve already broken something really expensive.  Do you think heart monitors grow on trees?  Honestly, I don’t deserve this.  I don’t deserve you.

“It’s alright,” said Doctor White, patting my back comfortingly.  “You didn’t know, it’s fine.  Things are different now.  Well…”  She bit her lip, a move that was not an incredibly reassuring gesture.  “You’re different now.  See, when we got the donation, we were able to get you a new body.”

The End

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