Chapter One: Page 4Mature

“The hospital.  Lexington Memorial, if I’m not mistaken.”  The doctor nodded and the younger doctors- I’d decided to call the ducklings because of the way they trailed after Doctor Everett- scribbled this down in the notebooks.  “My name’s Mina, by the way.  What you have written there is a typo.”

“Is it?” he murmured, taking the clipboard back from the still slightly flustered Doctor White and glancing at the front page.  “Would that be the entirety of ‘Wilhelmina Gabrielle Percival’ or just the ‘Wilhelmina’?”

I grimaced as he said the arcane name that my mother had chosen to gift me with.  “Just change it, will you?”  Doctor Everett chuckled and crossed the horrible name out before adding my normal one.  “So would you mind telling me why I’m in here?  I think that Doctor McFlustered was going to tell me before you stopped her, but that doesn’t help me.”  Doctor White blushed and looked down at her notebook.  Normally I would have felt horrible for being so mean, but today I was just upset.  I wanted answers, I wanted explanations, and I wanted tubes to stop being shoved down my throat.

Doctor Everett nodded thoughtfully.  “You were in a car accident.  Do you remember?”

“No.”  I never drove with anyone who wasn’t a perfectly capable driver; why would I have been in an accident?

“I’m not going to insist that you try and recall the situation.  Oftentimes, these events are highly traumatic and the brain has blocked it from memory.  You’ve been in a coma for the past three weeks and in and out of surgeries for just as long.”  He poured a stream of water from a pitcher into a plastic cup sitting by my bedside.  “Would you like some?” he asked and I nodded gratefully feeling more power as I was able to move my head and not just let it roll from side to side.  Doctor Everett dropped a lime green bendy straw into the clear liquid and held it to my lips.

I leaned forward, savoring the first taste of the refreshing water.  It coated the inside of my oddly dry mouth, enhancing the plastic and metal flavors remnant of the tube for a moment before they were erased from memory.  All too soon, my cup was empty and Doctor Everett placed it on the tray table out of my reach, despite the protesting groan that escaped my lips.

“Doctor White is going to be the one assigned to your case,” he said, turning away from me.  He patted the girl, who now looked more terrified than ever, on the shoulder.  “You can handle it, Katerina.  I have faith in you.”  His attention returned to me.  “I’m going to go and round on some other patients while Doctor White here gets you up to date on your new condition.”

“Wait,” I called out, confused, but Doctor Everett and the ducking doctors left the room, leaving me alone with the shaking Doctor White.  As she dropped the clipboard once more, the metal clang on the linoleum mixed with the sounds of the news on the tiny television in the corner of the room.  A random celebrity had her baby today.  The kid was cute, but he was sure to get teased about his name when it came time for school.  I honestly didn’t know what most celebrities had running through their heads.

Doctor White cleared her throat, catching my attention and pulling me away from the television.  If I wasn’t really focusing on her, she almost seemed to blend into the asylum white walls surrounding me; her bone white lab coat and pale blue scrubs did nothing for her cream colored skin and silver blonde hair.  The only part of her that was even slightly gripping was the intense gaze of her ice-blue eyes, but even they could be forgettable when she looked as frightened as she did right now.  “Um…okay, Mina.  So, D-doctor Everett administered a paralytic to you just now, but that, uh…that should have worn off  by now, so you should be okay.  It’s pretty evident; you’re already utilizing some of the finer motor skills, like speaking.”

“Great.  I can talk.  Now what’s this ‘condition’ that Everett was talking about?” I asked, raising my hands to quickly air quote the word ‘condition’.  This seemed to serve no purpose but to fluster the poor doctor even more.  “And I need to know the truth because I’m a legal adult and you have to tell me.”  At least, I was a legal adult now.  If I really was in a coma for three weeks, then my eighteenth birthday would have passed already.

Doctor White took a deep breath, like she was mentally steadying herself for something.  “As you know, you were in a car accident.  Your mother gave us consent to do damage control, but the chances that you’d survive the ordeal were slim to non-existent.”

The End

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