All We Needed To Do Now Was SurviveMature

It felt like I had been sucker punched to the chest, the air was blown out of me. Wynter was dead? Wynter- Wynter was dead. It didn't matter how many times I repeated it in my head, it just didn't make sense, I couldn't, wouldn't believe it.

They had changed everything. Nothing was ever going to be the same, Wynter was dead, Pheebs would be next- no, not Pheebs, she wasn't going to die. I wasn't going to let her die.


                                                  *             *            *

"Ok, Pheebs you know what to do yeah? Pheebs! I need you to focus ok?"
"Yes, Josh, I know what I'm doing." I cupped her face, kissed her forhead and closed my eyes.
"Ok," I exhaled, "I guess we're actually gonna do this then..."

I made my way to the door, she was right there, the purple-eyed whore that had braught us all here, I'd heard her breathing a mile away, it had just been a waiting game since then.

"HEY! Hey you! Yeah, you, come here." I'd got her attention, there was no going back now, "Hey gorgeous," I sealed the deal with a grin, she made her way to the door, eyebrow raised. "I hate to break this to you..." Her eyebrow raised an inch higher, I lowered my voice to a whisper, "but that dress, the red? Well it makes you look a little... cheap," the flinch gave me everything I needed, "Oh, I'm sorry, did I, hit a nerve?" The grin spread across my face, whilst hers morphed into the demon-bitch she truly was, the door was open in seconds.

I inhaled, steadying myself, come on Josh, you're a Hawking, you can do this, instantly demon-bitch-whore was thrown across the room by Pheebs, I swear you could hear all the bones in her body crunch as they came into contact with the wall, her body looked sort of like a puppet without strings. I stood still, stuck to the floor beneath me, don't, don't feel sorry for her.

"Josh! Come on!" Pheebs, was already half way down the corridoor, her hand wrapped around cameleon girls wrist.

This was it, all we had to do now was survive...

The End

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