Where is a Beer when You Need One?Mature

A beer would come in handy right now. Actually, not even pure alcohol would be enough to make me forget about were I was and how cold the floor was against my rear end. It was dark and and cold, my whole body ached. But that was nothing compared to what my head felt like. It was as if I was experiencing a major hangover, but ten times worst. I wanted to slam my head against the nearest wall to make it stop, or at least knock me out cold.But instead I just sat on my butt and stared at darkness, my head threatening to explode at any second.

Why was there so much pressure inside my head? And was it just me or was it getting worst?

My hands found their way to my scalp and my fingers pulled at my long, tangled hair. I wanted to scream in pain, in complete agony. But the only thing that made it's way out of my raspy throught was a small whimper. Tears followed soon enough.

I laid my head against the cold floor, hoping for some relief from the pressure in my head. My hands were still holding it tightly, and the cold did absolutely nothing. It was in times like this were I would much rather be breaking up a fight at the bar.

Thoughts, and pain, raced through my head as quickly as the seconds went by. Phoebe's face flashed rapidly, and worry decided to settle itself in my gut. Was she okay? Did she manage to escape?

"I have to stop being such a bloody baby", I thought to myself, and between my oh so manly tears I pushed my body up and returned to a sitting position. The pain was so intense that, as impossible as it may sound, it blurred the darkness. I started searching for anything around me with my mind desperately, but found that I couldn't use my powers. Something, or someone, was blocking them in, and causing me excrutiating pain.

"STOP IT!" made its way through my vocal cords.

I pushed against the barrier with my mind, screaming in rage at nohing in particular. I was so frustrated that I had ended up in such a situation, that I had to take it out on something.

I couldn't feel the lower part of my body anymore. My head felt like a ballon ready to blow up, and it seemed as if all of my blood had settled itself there, as well. I kept pushing at the barrier, feeling no change in it whatsoever. But as the pain increased, even though one would think it wouldn't, and my force did with it. Maybe it was because of the pressure making my powers condense and become even stronger than before, or maybe it was just a miracle, but I felt some sort of crack inside of me.

I kept pushing at the invisible crack, sure that it was part of the block in my mind, and I felt a shatter. Light blinded me and warmth surrouned me from many different directions, while relief swept over me in waves, soothing my throbbing and heated head. Another few minutes and I would have surely died.

Finally being able to see my surroundings, I right away noticed that I was in a cell. A metal door with a small barred window was the only things that separated me from the man and the witch who had captured me. I sat inside the small, and lit, cell. Two candles were keeping me company, including the stench of my own sweat. How lovely.

No one had come running to my cell yet, so I suspected that the broken barrier wasn't noticed , and it was better to leave it that way for the moment. I needed to formulate a plan to be able to escape, at all costs.

The End

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