To Cheat DeathMature

Slumped against the coldest, darkest corner of the cell, my tears stopped flowing. I think I had reached that point, where no more were there to cry. I looked up, brushing my golden brown waves out of my ever changing eyes, to see him, sitting across from me. I smiled softly. Phoebe and Josh sat, holding each other gently, comforting one another as best as they could. I saw Josh playing with a piece of her hair, twisting it and letting it fall slowly, onto her back, before picking it up again and entwining it around his fingers. I put my focus back on Wynter, faintly aware of what was happening. 

"Hey, where's my ocean colour, missy?" He said, his eyes twinkling. 

"You left me, I don't have that colour anymore, you own it," I whispered, ignoring Phoebe's startled look, as I spoke to myself.

"I'll give it back, I want to see you wearing it, and smiling,"

"I want you to come back, yet you can't," 

"I'm so sorry," He whispered, giving me a sad smile.

And then he disappeared, the figment of my imagination gone. I found more tears, and used them. 


Phoebe's muffled sobs caught my passive attention, and I looked to see them in a tighter embrace. I smiled; they had each other still, their love was something worth saving in all this mess. My emotions were swirling around, and I experienced them  now as a stranger to my body and mind, as if no longer actually feeling it, just seeing it, appreciating the pain. I had left my body, and I had no desire to reenter it, ever again.

I stood lithely, and looked out of the third story window, grateful we had a cell with a view.

From my peripheral vision, I could see Phoebe shooting fervent glances to Josh, obviously worried by my sudden burst of life. I turned around and gave an alarmingly natural smile, trying to reassure her that everything would be okay. 

And it would. I had made my decision now, I knew what I wanted and needed to do. If I had to choose a way to die, this would be it. It was beautiful, dying to save those left that you love, and in the process, getting  to go be with the one you love. I was lucky, really. No one could desire anything more. How many people, got to cheat death?

The End

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