Tell me I'm wrongMature

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit!”

“You know honey, saying that over and over doesn’t change the situation we are currently in”, I turned my head to look at Josh who was slumped in the corner of the cell. I was surprised not to be held in darkness this time, but I guess they thought without Evan, I was no longer a threat. Which made this even worse. The only thing we had against them was that small element of power, and now we didn’t even have that. I leant against the wall and slid to the floor. In defeat. There was nothing we could do now.

I let my head fall into my hands but refused to let any tears flow from my eyes. Weakness is what they wanted and I was not giving that to them.

“Pheebs?”, Josh’s voice caused me to look up from my hands, he was now sitting right in front of me.

“Yeah?”, I replied and he took my hands in his. A small smile played on his lips, but it wasn’t one of happiness.

“I just want you to know, that no matter what happens, I love you”, I couldn’t hold in the tears now and a sob escaped from my chest. Josh’s arms wrapped around me and he pulled me into his lap. Despite everything, I felt so much safer.

“I love you too”, I lifted up my head and let my lips find his. Electricity flew through my body and his touch lifted me up. Nothing else mattered. It was just us two…until the lock on the cell door clanged.

We stood up as fast as we can, but didn’t let go of hands. Backing away to the far corner of the room we waited for the worst. When the door opened and Lexi ran through, relief ran through my body. And then I saw her face.

“Lexi, honey, what happened?”, the cell door had now shut again and I ran forward allowing Lexi to collapse into my arms.

“They…they…they”, her words were barely understandable underneath her cries.

“Honey, just breath, slowly, and then tell me what happened”, I rested my head on the top of hers, to remind her that she wasn’t alone. Josh walked over from the back of the room, concern written all over his face.

“Lexi, please tell me I’m wrong”, her eyes lifted up and looked at Josh, there was nothing but pain in her expression.

“Fuck”, he kicked the side of the room and then slumped into the corner again. I couldn’t figure it out, what the hell had happened? Pushing Lexi away I looked her right in the eyes.

“Tell me Lexi”, her breathing slowed as she returned my gaze.

“They’ve killed him Phoebe, Wynter’s dead”

The End

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