The First To DieMature

Devlin had already melted into the shadows before the pusher had fallen unconscious, thanks to one of the other eight members of the group who's name he cared not to remember.

Appearing in the grass outside the window, he saw the paralyzed forms laying in the dew covered grass. Didn't the man upstairs realize that, in the dark of night, he was all but invincible? Even if the two could move, it wouldn't matter. He'd hunt them down and trap them, like anyone else. They may have escaped before, but he wouldn't take chances again.

With a grin that could only be from the pleasure of the hunt, he opened a hole of darkness beneath them and watched them plummet. They couldn't even scream before he'd sealed the hole again, already returning in a shadowy vapor inside the apartment to dispose of the pusher. With the same amount of effort as a thought, the shadows opened a void beneath the paralyzed man, and he plummeted into darkness like his good-for-nothing power-abusing friends.

"Our work is done." Devlin spoke quietly to his group. "May the elders be lenient."


"Rowan Wynter!" the voice of the twelve Elders boomed. "We, the Elders of the twelve covens of earth, find you guilty on charges of unlawful usage of powers, public usage of obvious abilities, and use of offensive power against the coven of Europe." they spoke simultaneously.

Wynter was unable to move, even his jaw to speak. His powers were completely gone, he couldn't even feel them inside of himself anymore. However he could still hear, and he could still see, and he could still comprehend what was happening; he was going to die.

"We see only one possible punishment, " the Elders spoke together. They each stood silently from their chairs, each could have been the chair of a king, and raised their arms toward Wynter.

He felt a shock wave run through him, and his chest joined the rest of his body in being paralyzed. He couldn't move, scream, anything, as he slowly suffocated. Without his chest being able to expand to draw in air, he quickly ran out, and his head started to spin. His heart raced, his throat burned, tears formed in his eyes.

Even after he lost consciousness, his appearance didn't change. Only in death did his eyes close, and his body slump forward and fall to the floor.

Several of their followers came forth and carried the body away, and the Elders could sense another four people, waiting for their judgment to come.

The End

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