Deja VuMature

I was standing there, frozen by some sort of force, as Josh was sending smart remarks towards the freaky girl with the violet eyes. When would he learn to shut up?

"You two escaped once, but not again."

The hooded man was the one speaking, looking at me and Phoebe, who was standing right besides me. I felt a small ball of fear make it's way up to my throat from my heart, and cold sweat was pouring down my back. If we didn't do something now, we were screwed. This weird man already saw our trick from last time, and he was right. It probably wasn't going to work again.

I noticed that Josh and Phoebe were holding hands, which made me feel slightly alone. There was no hand for me to hold on to.

"Now you three will come with us, whether you like it or not."

"I don't think so, witch."

Before either her or the hooded man had time to react, I acted. Without a solid plan or idea of what I was doing, I inflicted my powers towards them, and made a barrier between us, while pushing Josh and Phoebe back inside the apartment. The man went right through my barrier with no problem, and so did the witch.

"Bad move, boy." the witch exclaimed as I felt shadows envelope my body. The shadows couldn't stop me from pushing Josh and Phoebe even farther in, though, and when the two foes realized it they were both pushed out the window to land in the apartments flower bed arrangement.

Josh, Phoebe, run!

I couldn't be sure if they escaped, though, because all of a sudden a thick cloud of darkness fogged my mind and made me fall into a deep, cold slumber.

The End

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