If this was the End.Mature

I stood still, the hairs on the back of my neck on end. A wave of cold rippled through my body.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...

There were nine people standing in the doorway. The hooded dude was in the front, a woman in red next to him, if it wasn't for the fact I was shit scared of her she would have been pretty fucking sexy.  I scanned through the others, one was wearing tacky shades, another was hench as hell, please God tell me I don't have to fight him...

My eyes snapped back to the woman in red, violet eyes pierced through my own. Why hadn't I heard them coming? A smug grin spread across her face- Great, another fucking mind reader. The grin immediately changed into an ugly frown. She hissed, leaning forward, readying herself to pounce; the hooded guy held her back with his hand. Shit did I say that out loud?

Why hadn't Pheebs stopped time again, why hadn't Evan thrown these dicks out of the bulding with his mind?

"Because, Master Hawkings we are far more powerful than you." The hooded guy floated forward, shortening the gap between us. I looked at Pheebs and Evan. They stood frozen. Shit.

"What's going on? What do you want from us?" I asked, refusing to let them see just how much they were freakin' me out. "St-stay the fuck back man. I'm warning you..." I stuttered, hopelessly trying to stand my ground.

"Awwh, I think someone's an ickle wickle bit frightened of the big scary bad guys." Said the purple-eyed freak, she was becoming less attractive by the second. Her voice was reaally fucking annoying.

"Have you been to get that checked out?"


"Your voice... I think you've got a real problem there. Sounds like you've got something rammed down your throat- probably all the men you've eaten alive..."

"You better shut up before I decide to devour you too..."

"I've heard I'm pretty tasty actual-"

"Enough!" The hooded guy closed the gap between us, thin whisps of smoke escaped from the orifices in his cloak. Entwining themselves into the air, I tried to move but  couldn't. I was frozen too; my legs were dead weight, I was slowly being paralyzed from the feet up. I looked back at Pheebs, grabbing her stone cold hand, I wrapped my fingers around hers.

If this was the end, it would be with her by my side.

The End

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