Going somewhere?Mature

“Well then, WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE WAITING FOR?”, the reality of the situation had now sunk in and I was more aware of the danger Lexi was in. If anything happened to her I would never forgive myself. She was my best friend, my rock, and I loved her. I stood up and looked expectantly at Josh and Evan. Why were they still sitting there and not rushing out the door?! We needed to go!

“Josh, why are you still sitting there?”, I stared in his eyes, those beautiful eyes, and all I could see in them was worry. I didn’t like that. I didn’t like seeing my fear mirrored in his face, it made me feel less safe.

“Pheebs, I know we need to find her. But we can’t just go running out there with no plan. We have no idea what that hooded man is capable of, he could kill us all. And that wouldn’t help Lexi, would it?”, he kept his eyes on mine and I knew he was right, but I couldn’t just leave her there.

“He’s right you know”, Evan was also looking at me but there was no worry in his eyes. Just pain. A stab of guilt shot through me at the idea that I may have been the cause for this. But it didn’t stay long, the only important thing now was Lexi.

“Josh, Evan, We can’t just leave her! She could be dying right now and we’re sitting around doing nothing! It’s not right!”, I couldn’t keep the pain and panic inside anymore. I knew that we’d all be in serious danger if we went looking without a plan but I just couldn’t leave her.

“Baby, I don’t want anything to happen to you. I’ve only just got you, I can’t lose you. It shouldn’t take us too long to come up with a plan, and then we’ll be able to save Lexi, and Wynter”, looking at his pleading face nearly convinced me. I couldn’t bare the thought of causing him pain but Lexi was the most important thing to me right now.

“No Josh. I can’t wait. I have to save her! I have to go now! Otherwise it’ll be too late!”, and with that I turned to go out the door. I expected Josh to protest and too pull me back but instead he walked over to me and placed his hand in mine.

“You’re not doing this alone. I know there’s no changing your mind now, which is why I’m coming with you”, he smiled at me and I almost melted. If the situation was any different then I would have jumped on him right there and then.

“Me too, the more the merrier”, Evan stood on my other side and with the two of them there I felt safer. We had a chance, the three of us together could actually save Lexi. I pulled open the door and all hope left my body. They’d found us.

“Going somewhere?”

The End

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