Die For YouMature

This place is so dreary. My mind spoke to me. I sat around the table with all my other colleagues, eating what looked like Josh’s vomit when he was hung over.

When was Devlin going to come back? Damn idiot!

“Hey Wynter… I know you’ve been dreaming about me. But I think you got my name wrong, I’m ‘Chelle, not Lex.” This girl in front of me looked familiar, yet so vague.

“That’s great… No one cares.” I needed to get away from here, I needed some air. I could feel everyone’s lies and atrocities in this room and it was making me want to hurl. I felt something inside me, something fuzzy but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I wanted the cold night air to relieve this stress.

“If anybody needs me I’ll be outside.” As I stood up from my chair I heard a nasally voice sound after me.

“I’ll come with you!” I turned to face her with a look of icy rage, my eyes dripping with anger.

“Alone.” As I turned away from her lithe body I felt her anger empower me but I dismissed it into the wall. I heard a faint ‘ow’ and that must have been my power generating into bigger things. I grinned to myself and stepped into the cold night air.


“Wynter…” My eyes darted up at my name, but it was a voice that was so distant yet so close. I felt my heart strings tug at the sound of her voice saying my name. I didn’t hesitate at all; I ran up to her and seized her lips in my own. Holding her cold tear stained face made me kiss her longer and harder. I missed her smell, I missed her taste, I missed those beautiful eyes that would change colour, that nose, her cheeks when they blushed a soft pink when I whispered sweet nothings into her ear. I gently pried my lips away from hers and looked into her gleaming turquoise eyes.

“I love you Ocean Eyes… always have always will.” My voice wavered and I felt the tears on my cheeks start to dry off with the cold bitter air.

“I love you too Wynter… Why though; why didn’t you tell me? Talk to me?” Her eyes were slowly changing colour and I regretted what I had done and said to her. Maybe she hadn’t cheated, maybe she was telling the truth.

I wanted to answer her questions, I wanted to hold her, I wanted to kiss her and run my hands – no, this had to wait. I could sense something… Devlin. He was coming back. I needed to get Lexi out of here, save her and maybe – just maybe – save myself too.


“Lexi, listen to me, I’ve been an idiot, but I need you to trust me.” I saw her head nodding and her eyes turning troublesome. “Right, I need you to get out of here, get safe, go back to Phoebe and Josh, and be safe. He’s coming…” I scanned the area all the while holding Lexi close to me. I needed her close to me, she was my muse.

“No, I’m not leaving without you. I will stay. I can’t lose you again.”

“Lexi you need to go, I don’t want you to die!” I was furious that she wouldn’t make herself safe.

“So? I’ll die for you!” My face turned ashen, I knew it had. One, she had shouted and I am pretty sure that everyone inside may have heard, and two, she openly admitted she would die for me. I never ever wanted that to happen. I closed the space between us and kissed her lips with as much passion as I could muster.

“Let’s go then.” She smiled up at me, and the last thing my mind screamed at me was that i was happy again. As long as I was with Lexi, I would always be happy.

The End

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