Clinking of LinksMature

I could feel the darkness penetrating my skin. Though the dawn was breaking through the smoggy clouds, the world still seemed drowned in the darkness.

I heard light footsteps fall behind me, and my mind searched out passively. Who cared any more what ordinary people could do to me? It wasn't them I was worried about. My mind pushed through the barriers of the mind with difficulty. I paid more attention to my power now. This didn't usually happen... I heard my sharp intake of breath when I realised what was behind me... One of those violent souls... I groaned internally, trying to take this news in my stride. I felt around a little more... looking for maliciousness and intent. I found nothing more than a dark mind, power, and a strong, burning, curiosity. My heart raced while my mind thought through all my options.

I turned swiftly around, and walked decidedly towards the hooded figure now within my sights. I could see the darkness enveloping him... ready to help him gain invisibilty. "Oh, excuse me?" I said, my voice lazy and controlled, not giving away the latent fear I felt. He looked up quickly, though I saw no portion of his face.

"Hey, just wondering if there was anything you wanted, or were you following me for the fun of it?" I asked brazenly, without a thought.

The darkness seemed to seep back into the walls of the building beside him, and his hood fell back. I stared into his eyes, mesmerised by what I found there. Anger, intense loathing anger, looked back at me. For some unknown reason, it fascinated me, like a case study in college. My mind rushed while reading his emotions, so blatantly on display, I became increasingly curious...

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice light and so clearly intrigued.

"I'm from the European Coven. Something you should know about." He said coldly, evidently seething at being spoken to in such a tone.

"Oh? Yet I've never heard of them... Care to elaborate?"

He laughed quietly, scorn colouring it harshly. "We're the ones who'll set you... straight, if you become a threat to the supernatural."

"How could I be so?" I asked, amused by his attempt to frighten me.

"By using your powers in an obvious manner. So I'd be more careful in the future, madam," He said sneering at me.

"Oh, well I wouldn't worry too much about me," I said cheerfully. " Though I'm sure you have your work cut out,"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry. I have lots of help." He said indifferently.

I think he may have heard the mental clinking of links fitting together in my brain. I knew where Wynter was now, and I knew what I had to do.

The End

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