The Ritual DreamsMature

As the light faded, Wynter unconscious and darkness consuming him, Devlin and the other eight coven members blinked their eyes to regain their sight.

Wynter was laying in a heap on the ground, moving ever so slightly and the occasional grunt. "He's definitely dreaming." the woman in the red shirt said.

"Shhhhh, " Devlin hissed. "don't wake him up. This is important. He may feel the girl hurt him, but he still loves her. We need to replace her, as love itself won't seem to leave him. We need him to hate her more than he hates anything else in the world. Convince him that death itself would not be enough of a punishment. That only the elders could truly bring justice to them, and the world."

"It sounds like you are putting allot of faith into the ritual dreams." a heavily muscled man replied. "Do you really need to rely on them so much?"

"Don't underestimate them Nathan." Devlin said, a slight hiss disturbing his tone. "It is the longest part of the ritual, and second in power only to the bond between the coven which isn't even finished."

"Speaking of that, I can have him tattooed in less then half an hour. Should I wait for him to wake up?" another woman spoke from a small supply closet.

"No, I gave him a little of my power to toy with since he didn't have much offensive capabilities. There's no way in knowing just exactly how the dreams will leave him though. He may be very... frightened."

The people seemed to disperse, all except for Caitlin, who was going to tattoo Wynter, and the same tall man from before who had questioned Devlin's judgement.

"Is there something you wished to say, Mr. Brown?" Devlin inquired.

"Yes. The mood scribe has gone off on her own. Should I keep an eye on her?"

Devlin thought it over for a moment before replying. "No, keep watching the other three. Make sure they don't do anything funny. I'll watch her myself."

He closed his eyes and melted into shadows, just as he had come, except a small spinning disk of black smoke remained. Through it sounded Devlin's voice. "If they do something, or Wynter wakes up, yell. I'll be able to hear you."

By the time he had finished speaking, he was in that strange state where he could see and hear from every point of darkness and yet could only comprehend one set of sights and sounds at a time.

"Of course Captain." the voice of Mr. Brown echoed through the void.

Now, to find my mood scribe...

The End

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