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After Lexi left and Josh got off of me, I stood up and walked to his bathroom. I could hear Phoebe and Josh discussing what should be done, but it just didn't click. The only thing I could do was stare at my reflection in Josh's mirror. Do I love her? My mind raced around that thought for a few minutes to come to a very simple conclusion. I do not care about Phoebe like that. So what was going on with me? I had supposedly told Josh that I did love her, but I couldn't even remember it. Something was going on with my mind, and I needed to find out what.

I left the mirror and instead sat on top of a covered toilet. Whoever walked in would probably laugh at how I looked, sitting in a thinking position of Josh's toilet. But to tell the truth, I couldn't care less.

"Evan! We need your opinion on this!" Phoebe's voice snapped me out of my thoughts making me remember what was important at the moment. What was I doing fretting over such trivial matters? Of course, I know that my mind is not a trivial matter, but when compared to our current situation, I think it is pretty trivial. Leaving the bathroom and joining Josh and Phoebe in the living room took me about twenty seconds. I sat down on Josh's one man couch, while Phoebe and himself were on the love seat. Kind of predictable.

"That man said that we were under arrest for miss use of our powers, remember?"

"So that means that there must be some sort of law, or laws, that apply to our abilities."

"And I was thinking. If there are laws, then there are more of us."

I thought about what Phoebe said. She was right. If there were laws regarding the use of powers, then they must have been made because there were more people with special abilities.

"So you're saying that there are more freaks like you guys?"

"Watch your choice of words if you don't want to end up looking like a freak yourself, kid."

Josh glared at me, but gave an apologetic look to Phoebe. She wasn't paying attention though.

"I think we should try to find someone who could explain to us what this is all about. There are probably plenty of people like us that are better informed."

"Great idea Evan. Let's go out and ask people if they have super powers. That will sure give you a long list of names."

This Josh kid could be really annoying from time to time, but sadly, he had a point. Until I remembered what had been happening to me lately.

"Wait. I think that won't be necessary."

"Do you have an idea, Evan?" Phoebe's expression was curious, and I felt something stir in my mind again. I had to get that checked out.

"Well, since my mind is so powerful, I can sense other's powers in a way. It's like a small nudge in my mind, letting me know that someone around me is using his or her abilities."

Josh stared at me with a 'what in the world' look while Phoebe kept thinking. I decided to keep going anyways, since I wasn't done in the first place.

"I felt a nudge when I was working, one when Phoebe and I were at the park, and the last one I felt was here, right after Josh jumped on me and you walked in."

"Here? From who?"

I was pretty sure that Josh was more worried about what Phoebe and I were doing at the park than who had used powers in his apartment, but that didn't have a single effect on me.

"It was not from me, because I haven't used my powers since we excaped."

Josh and I looked at Phoebe with slight surprise. She couldn't be serious.

"If it wasn't you, then who's power did Evan feel?"

We all looked at each other, the question hanging in the air between us, until Phoebe's face took an air of surprise and shock, while her eyes widened slightly.


The End

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