Other things on my mindMature

I looked up at Phoebe's shrill shriek. I numbly wiped the tears from my sunset eyes, and pushed myself up from the carpeted floor, with much effort. I stood up, and issued calming tones across the room, trying to dissipate Josh's rage. I was astounded I actually had the energy to do so. My head ached, dull clanking sounds resonating through my fragile head, and my body screamed from exhaustion.

I looked to see Josh thinking  twice about punching Evan- thanks to my artificial calm or Phoebe's reappearance, I couldn't tell.

"What were you going to hit him for?" Phoebe snapped, irritation seeping through her voice.

"He- he- " Josh said weakly. "He said he has feelings for you,"

Phoebe looked quickly to Evan's blushing face. "Is that true?" She demanded.

"I did... I do... I don't know!" He said, his expression perplexed, as if he wasn't the person saying those things, or if he had recently recovered from a bout of amnesia.

Phoebe looked gently into his eyes, and said quietly, "I'm sorry, Evan. I think you're wonderful... but... I love Josh," She finished humbly.

Evan looked at her blankly, while Josh gave her an ear-splitting beam.

"Ah... okay...," He said, his voice utterly confused. I was beginning to think Evan had been affected in some way... I shook my head, trying to clear it from cluttering thoughts. I had things to do, I had to concentrate.

"Okay guys, I'll see you later, I'm going to head on home," I told them, trying to manage a casual tone.

"What?" Phoebe said incredulously. "Why are you going home? We have so much to talk about! This coven is threatening us! They locked me and Evan up for crying out loud!"

"Well, I have to go, I'm not stopping you three from talking."

"But...but... we need to find a solution together!" Phoebe said loudly, her green eyes misty with confusion.

"I don't have to do anything. I don't see how I'm involved in this, I'm not the one being hauled up in front of the coven for misuse of their powers!" I said harshly, my tone bitter. I hated being so heartless, so nasty... but it was necessary, I had to do this.

The three of them gaped at me, their utter disbelief soon turning to venomous anger.

"I'm not being 'hauled up' either, but I'm still going to help!" Josh roared.

"Yeah well, go you, well done. I've other things on my mind," I tried to say the last piece with meaning, so they'd know... so they might understand that I wanted to help them together, but I had to do something important... that I would help them in the long run, but I needed to be like this right now... I needed to work alone.

I gave them one last glance, before turning around and leaving through Josh's door, closing it quietly behind me.

The End

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