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I looked at the woman who was nodding her head at me in the red t-shirt, she looked at me as if I was a piece of meat – normally I would have flinched and used my power on her, but for some reason my skin tingled when she looked at me that way. It isn’t like I liked it, but it had an edginess to it. I could see myself being partnered up with her for an assignment. What the hell am I talking about?!

“Lexi doesn’t love you, she hurt you, concentrate on that.” My eyes were closed softly, and I could feel rather than hear Devlin’s words. They echoed throughout the room and I felt a cool wave of darkness pass over me.


I didn’t love Lexi, she used me. Hurt me. Broken my heart so much that it was irreparable. I concentrated on Devlin’s words, the tiny hairs on my arms and neck stood up to attention and adrenaline coursed through my veins. Hate, anger and sadness. Everything bad in me Lexi had caused, and now – she was going to pay.


I felt a strange sensation reverberate through my body and as I opened my eyes I was lifted half way into the air. A beaming white light which reminded me of the day Josh and I fell over on top of each other at the Academy; the only thing missing in my view here was the woman who’d killed Rowan Wynter. Lexi. I smiled darkly to myself and the weightlessness of the experience made me high. With a loud sudden bang I fell to the floor; my back snapped and I screamed in pain. From the height I was at my back wouldn’t have broken, someone forced extra gravity at me.

“You are not meant to be happy Wynter.”


“I know…please, help me…” Blood was oozing out of my mouth and my vision was cloudy – death was near; I could feel it in my dying body.

The woman with the red t-shirt stalked over to me and licked my lips dry of blood.

“Mmmm, you taste as good as you look.” My blood stained her brilliant white teeth and I couldn’t help but feel mesmerized. I felt her warm hand go under my shirt from the front and squeeze at my chest tightly; I hurt even more with her touch. I felt like kicking her where it hurt the most but I held myself still, it’s not like I could with my back broken. I carried my mind out to her, my power but there was nothing there. An empty vessel.

“Your magic won’t work on me, I’m protected, plus; I’m 185 years old – I’ve learned how to block people well.” It’s like she read my mind, I did want her to tell me everything, just so I could suss her out.

“What are you doing to my back?”

“Watch…” Her voice trailed off and I felt her palm rest on the part of my back where my spine was half sticking out. It made cracking noises and I arched up in pain, wanting it to stop. I tried not to scream but I grunted so hard I thought I was going to lose my voice.


When I woke up I felt groggy and all I could see was black. Dark wisps of smoke swirling before my eyes. I wasn’t scared like I used to be; I felt empowered. As I sat up these dark wisps of smoke circled me.

“They belong to you; they answer to only your command.” The voice came from a far corner of the room. It was a woman. She sounded extremely nasal. I wonder who she was?

“I’m Michelle.” That was the second time she had read my mind now. “But people call me ‘Chelle.” Her hand was stuck out and I felt bad about not taking it in. No pun intended.

“Wynter” I shook her hand politely and tried to let go, she held on a second longer and rubbed the back of my hand. “You healed me; right?”

“Sure did.” As her head bobbed up and down her red tight t-shirt bounced along with other assets of her body. Her eyes were a big and a wicked purple and her blonde hair contrasted well with it. Her face was ashen and sort of pretty.

“What happened last night?” I sat facing ‘Chelle; our faces close.

“You were changed.” ‘Chelle spoke in short sentences, which I found slightly weird, but she was still hot nonetheless.

“I see, so… what happens now?” I looked around for Devlin or anybody else that was in the room during my change, but it seemed as though I could only remember three people; one of whom wasn’t at the changing ceremony. Devlin, Michelle and another girl, I couldn’t place her, but she had beautiful eyes, they changed colour; whenever I thought of her I felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart, and as soon as I felt happy it was gone, ripped out, as if someone had bludgeoned my heart to death. Oddly enough I felt a feeling of longing for her, love for her. Who was she? I had to find out, yet I knew nothing about her.

“Stop it!” My face was hot and stinging with the slap that I had just received. I looked at the wicked witch in amazement, wanting so bad to jump her for attacking me so openly.

“I know you were thinking about her.” ‘Chelle leant up a bit so I was looking at her lips rather than her eyes. I became captivated by her plump brilliant red lips. They drew me in and I couldn’t help but stop breathing for a split second.

“Who?” Could she be talking about the girl with the eyes?

“You know who… I’m better than her, I always will be. Plus, I’d do anything for you.” I felt a weird sensation come over me, I didn’t find this girl all that attractive but I wasn’t bound to anyone, and besides, a bit of fun never harmed anyone, did it?

Before I could say anything I felt my arms move up and grab her waist, licking my lips in anticipation. She held onto my neck and head fiercely, as if she didn’t want to let go. As if this is what she has been waiting for. I kissed her full mouth and stared deep into her eyes. My mind flickered to a soft face, a warm face, with chestnut brown hair and ocean eyes. All too soon they changed to a menacing purple and I felt subdued. I waited… waited for them to change to that beautiful turquoise again. I realised that that wasn’t going to happen and I retracted myself from her tight embrace. My eyes were wide and my heart felt empty. My soul felt empty. As if I had left it with the turquoised eyed girl.

“Wait, Wynter… don’t you want me?” ‘Chelle purred and I felt a dark smile cover my face.

“Yes, but not right now…” As I left the image of my sly smile in her mind, I vanished with my dark wisps of smoke into the night.

The End

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