One Of ThemMature

"I caught them in the act of abusing supernatural powers. I will need you to see them at some point and talk to them. Figure them out with those useful powers of yours.”

When Devlin finished speaking, another flurry of pain and hurt coursed through Wynter, just like he knew it would. When he had seen them all go to that same house, it would have taken a complete moron not to see the opportunity for what it was. He could have just apprehended his suspects, of course. But he had the chance to bring the boss another enforcer, most likely that would mean an instant promotion for himself. And now was his chance.

"Wynter, you weak fool." Devlin seethed. Break him down, or else he'll resist. "You still feel sorry for your actions, even after what they did to you! Look at yourself man, you're coming apart at the seems and they don't even care!"

Urging the hatred on as he spoke, Devlin was on the edge of sending Wynter into a homicidal furry. "So, tell me Wynter" Devlin spit his name like some kind of insult. "Do you want to be weak or do you want revenge!"

He stood there, not saying anything, but the pain emanating from him was enough for Devlin to go on. His fists were clenched, nails digging into his palm.

"I know it's not right!" he shouted suddenly. "But, I... Just..."

"I could help you, if you dedicate yourself. I can give you the strength to not care. To be able to walk away from your cheating friend and that woman."

Before Wynter could speak his agreeance, Devlin felt it in his consciousness. He pulled himself and Wynter through the darkness, emerging from the shadows of a local coven office. There were eight others in the room, but only one of them turned their head as soon as Wynter and himself appeared.

"Hello, Devlin." the woman spoke sourly. The other 7 turned just as Devlin and Wynter walked into the dimly lit room. "You let them get away!" a man with very darkly tinted sunglasses barked. "Just let them slip right out of your hands!"

"Mr. Brown, please keep in mind that just because you are a remote viewer does not mean you see everything. And this, " Devlin gestured. "Is a man who would like to join our ranks, and I need at least four others to perform the ritual."

The mood in the room changed dramatically, and it seemed that everyone present dropped what they were doing and came to encircle Wynter. He was getting scared, Devlin could feel it. But scared wouldn't work. He had to be angry. Blind with rage or hurt.

"Wynter, don't worry about us." Devlin said softly. He wound wisps of smoke in front of his eyes and around his ears, blocking all sounds and sights that might frighten him. "Think of what you want, Wynter. Think of the girl, and how much pain she has caused you. Think of your so called friend who betrayed you."

A woman in a red t-shirt nodded to the rest of the group, and the power and energy in each member came forth, a blinding light filling the room.

The End

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