I think, I love you.Mature

Chameleon girl's lower lip began to tremble with the mention of Wynters name. She looked... Well pretty damn horrible. Her eyes were red and puffy, her face covered in all that black mascara shit that girls load onto their eyes. I felt sorry for her, and talking about Wynter obviously wasn't something she wanted to do...

"Forget Wynter. I asked you a question- infact I've asked you two now. There is some seriously freaky shit going on around here, and I thought me and Wynt-" Chameleon girl flinched at the mention of his name, and I stopped mid-sentence.

"What?" Pheebs asked. Her eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. "You didn't finish what you were saying,"

"Oh, urgh nothing. Look  I'm all for getting things straight and having a few questions answered, but maybe we should go somewhere a little less... public?" I said, placing my arm around chameleon girls waist. "My place should be pretty safe."

I leant my cheek against the top of camelion girls head, "You're safe with me, I promise" I whispered into her hair. I looked back at Pheebs and the Evan guy, who were holding hands. I frowned, and made me way back to the apartment. Stop being so fucking pathetic, and be a man for gods sake...

When we got back, I opened the door and Evan ran inside, flicking switches.
"Turn on all the lights." He yelled running around frantically, Pheebs started to do the same thing, so she did what he said now.

"Urgh, why?"

"He can't- need light- look I'll explain later. Just do it!" Who the hell did he think he was giving me orders? I bit my tongue though, this was obviously something to do with the guy who looked like he was dressed for a Halloween party.

Within five minutes the apartment looked like fucking Brighton beach at New Years, it was beginning to hurt my eyes.

"Hey, is it ok if I shower?" I turned around, it was Pheebs. For the first time in my life the thought of a girl naked in my shower didn't trigger off my usual cocky, charming ways in which I would say something I would later regret. I hadn't noticed until now but she looked, fragile- for the first time ever those fierce barriers were completely down.

"Yeah, did you wanna borrow some clothes?" I said, showing her into the ensuite from my room. She bit her lip and I moaned inside, god she is irresistable. I slowly made my way closer to her, and she moved closer still, until our faces were almost touching. Her eyelashes fluttered,

"If that's ok, I mean, I wouldn't want to hassle you," she looked up, those smouldering green eyes blazing straight into mine,

"Not- not, a-at all," I stuttered, get a grip man! I looked back into those eyes, and sighed. Running my hand through her hair, cupping her delicate face, I leant down.

 Her breathing increased and I gently pressed my lips against hers, and softly kissed her. She stood there shocked, and after a couple of agonising seconds she kissed me back. Her arms wrapped around the back of my neck. I pushed her against the wall, my hands still cupping her face, roughly, passionately I embraced Phoebe- unleashing all the pent up fire within me.

 I leant my forehead against hers. Our chests heaving in unison.
"I think, I love you." I whispered. A huge grin spread across her face, she kissed me fiercely on the lips before saying,

"I love you too, you fucking idiot."

The End

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