Cleared Misunderstanding Brings Up Another ProblemMature

We were both standing in the dark alley, panting and in cold sweat.We barely excaped with our lives. Actually, I had barely gotten us out without killing myself. I had to put lots of strain on my mind to be able to break free from those shadows. It was dark all around us, and that made me uncomfortable.

Phoebe looked scared, and who could blame her. Some man just kidnapped us with shadows, and had us trapped in them for who knows how long.

"Let's get out of the dark, Phoebe. It's safer out in the open, were light can hit us easier."

We walked out from the alley and were surprised to find Lexi standing right in front of the building that was to our left. Her gaze was intense, as if trying to concentrate on something that was inside of the structure. What surprised me was the color of her eyes. They were amber, and sad. Most of the times I had seen her she had torquoise eyes and a smile adorned her face. But not anymore.

"Lexi?" Phoebe took one cautious step towards her friend, and when Lexi noticed us standing just a few steps away from her, she closed the distance and embraced Phoebe. She started crying, and trying to explain what had happened with Wynter, but the tears wouldn't let her speak.

I turned around sharply when I heard footsteps behind me. To my surprise, it was just that Josh guy, who had ran all the way over here. My guess is that he had been following Lexi.

"You!" he screamed as he caught up with us. His finger pointed at my face accusingly and his expression was one of hatred. Or was it jealousy? Before he even said anything else to me, he spotted Phoebe, who was still comforting Lexi. Her face was still pale with shock, confusion, and fear. Josh was still slightly drunk, because he wasn't standing still, and wasn't sturdy either. My guess is that he had been getting over the alcohol when we woke him up. He looked back at me again, and before he said anything I decided to explain myself.

"Oi, look. When I said I had seen you having dinner with another lass I was wrong. I had meant Wynter and Lexi. It's just that it was dark, and I confused you with him, seeing as you were wearing his shirt. Sorry, I cocked up."

Josh kept staring at me with annoyance, which I didn't mind at all. I know how he feels, in a way.

"Were did you see me, anyways?"

"I didn't, Phoebe did. You were standing outside in front of the buildings entrance, and she followed you inside. Were you trying to get some fresh air after getting bladdered?"

I felt the tension in between us lessen a bit, and he kind of nodded to my question. It was obvious what had happened now. And the reason for wearing Wynter's shirt? His stunk of beer.

"But what happened? You guys were there one second, and gone the next! I thought I was dreaming, so I ran outside and spotted Lexi. My only choice was to follow her to were ever she was going if I wanted to get some answers." Josh seemed proud of his actions, but at the same time confused as to what really happened. Lexi and Phoebe were still talking to one side, and I didn't know how to explain anything to this chap. I didn't have to, though, because Phoebe brought up another one of our problems.

"So where is Wynter now?"

The End

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