Ten violent SoulsMature

That guy, that cold uncaring, sneering guy, that had just shattered my heart like a piece of delicate crystal, walked swiftly away from me, after telling me he had loved me, as I  loved him. Except, my love was still strong, burning and alive, whilst Wynter's was dying and diminished, perhaps even quenched. Large, salty droplets of liquidised pain fell from my amber eyes. I tried and tried to change my eyes to my ususal turquoisey happiness, but it was fruitless. My eyes remained a swirling amber of pain and sadness for all to see, cold grey anger and black shock long gone.

In my mind's eye, Wynter's usually soft dark eyes, were pitch black with shaking anger, and staring out at me. He was not Wynter. That much, I was sure of. Something had changed him, something more than anger, pain or jealousy. Wynter was not right, and I was going to find out exactly why, and who was to blame. Wynter was not the same guy from the academy - sweet, charming, a little shy... he was so far from it: angry, cold, harsh... The weird cover I had felt over his consciousness, when I had touched it earlier... it had not been there before. This was why Wynter was acting how he was! I just now had to figure out, what the cover was, and who was placing it there. Wynter wasn't, he was too true...he wouldn't. Someone dark must be taking advantage. With renewed vigour, I thought about how I could help, what I could do with my powers to regain my Wynter..

 Then I remembered, that Wynter was no longer mine to care about. The shock of losing Wynter hit, and I whimpered pathetically. It's ok, I told myself. You don't have to be his girlfriend to care about him. I would bring back Wynter, even if I had no right.

My wavy hair flew around my face as the wind picked up, howling and infuriated. I looked around to see if I could recognise where I was, and I barely registered the backstreet dinge I now found myself in. The street was lined with tired, grey buildings to either side, with a few weak streetlights vainly attempting to illuminate the enviroment around me. The darkness seemed enveloping, and I unconsciously stepped towards the light. I shivered slightly with the cold and feeling of acute unease. The putrid odour made me wrinkle my nose as I threw out my consciousness, looking for dark minds nearby, anxious to ensure my safety.

 With a gasp, I sensed minds of great darkness and power converging in a dilapidated building three hundred meters from me. My instincts of self-preservation told me to flee, to escape from the darkness as quickly as my body allowed, and to gain protection from distance.

But I could not help but to probe with my mind further, to know who or what these beings were, and why they were meeting like this. I probed their consciousnesses, doing so carefully, hoping to escape without notice. One... two... four... six... ten. There were ten. Ten people, if that's what they were. I pushed with my mind ever so slightly further, searching for their emotions, to gain a better understanding... Vengeance. Anger. Hatred. Pride. Jealousy. Righteous indignation. All these I could feel amongst the ten, swirling in their minds like fog in a gale. But- there was something else. Another emotion amongst one, hidden behind a veil of darkness... I gasped as my mind broke through the veil, and I was engulfed in this person's pain, and sorrow ... and immense love. Someone was hurting, hiding their feelings behind the veil of anger and hatred.

 Compassion flowed through me, pity for this tormented soul. But there were other things on my mind. These people had converged for a reason, and whatever it was, I didn't think it was going to be for the better. Actually, I distinctly had the feeling that this would mean difficult times ahead.

The End

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